With the Basic Education Certificate Examination starting on Monday, 17th October to Friday, 21st of October, 2022, one of the subjects BECE candidates are required to sit for and perform excellently is the English Language.

According to http://www.udir.no»hele, English Language help build up general lanquage proficiency through listening, speaking, reading and writing, as well as provide the opportunity to acquire information and specialised knowledge.

The English Language has four components. They are;

  • Grammar.
  • Composition.
  • Comprehension.
  • Literature.

The guide for effective teaching and learning of Literature in Junior High Schools is the COCKCROW.

The Cockcrow is a compilation of short stories, drama and poems by John A. Sackey and Lawrence Darmani for Ghanaian Junior High School students. 

This is to aid prepare them for literature in the Senior High School.

Due to how tricky Literature is, many students do not often attempt  it. Some do not even prepare for it adequately.

In this content, we have made available some samples of likely literature questions that will come in the 2022 BECE.

We will be covering the following areas.

  • Makola.
  • A Minor Bird.
  • The Desert Rivers.
  • Tell My Son To Hold Unto His Gun.
  • The Ripples.
  • The Girl Who Can.
  • Oliver Twist.
  • The Dilemma Of A Ghost.

Let us go ahead to answer the following questions that will aid you to be adequately prepared for the English Language Literature paper.



  1. Makola By Theresa Ennin.
  • Answer the questions by writing the suitable answers.

Head bent, rags all around upside down pan.

Picking her nose, shuffling her feet, oblivious to the bustle.

  • What is the atmosphere created in the lines above.
  • How did the cart pusher clean the sweat on his lips?
  1. A Minor Bird by  Robert Frost.
  • Read the Extract below and answer the questions.

The fault must partly been in me

The bird was not to blame for his key

  • Describe how the speaker feels.
  • Why does he feel as above
  • Answer the questions below by writing the suitable answers.
  • When did the speaker decide to clap at the bird?
  • The attitude of the speaker in stanza 1 and 2 can be described as?
  • State any two literary devices used in the poem.
  1. The Desert Rivers By Lade Worsonu.
  • Answer the questions by writing the correct answers.

If you cannot see our tears

It does not mean we don’t cry

  • Write the meaning of the lines above.
  • The Desert’ used in the poem conveys a picture of what?
  • What is the theme of the poem?


  1. Tell My Son To Hold onto His Gun By Kaakyire Akosombo Nyantakyi.
  • After successfully making the trip down the village all alone, how did Kwame feel?
  • Who killed Kwame’s father?
  • Give one theme of the story.

“Are you going or not”

  • What is the mood expressed in this line above?
  • Why did Kwame’s father not mind him?

“Why is it that today you want me to go and bring the food?”

  • What feeling does the above line depict?
  1. The Ripples By  Peter Paul Adolinama.
  • According to the narrator, how did wives regard their husband’s decisions?
  • Why did the other women wish to be in Amina’s shoe during the marriage ceremony?

It was almost dramatic to watch the young brides deteriorate with speed of light into unhappy young wives.

  • State the meaning of the sentence above?
  • Why did Abiba wish to have Amina as her biological mother?
  • How was Abiba, her mother and grandmother’s fate related?
  • What image does the phrase “gloomy destiny” convey?
  • Why was Safiya constantly fighting with Amina?
  1. The Girl Who Can By Ama Ata Aidoo.

“She would laugh and laugh”

  • What is the literary device contained in this extract?
  • Why did the narrator refuse to express herself often?
  • According to the story, what causes deformity in people?
  • Why did Nana consider the narrator to be almost useless?
  • Who is Maami to the narrator?


  1. Oliver Twist By Charles Dickens.
  • Answer the questions by writing the suitable answers.
  • Why did Oliver attack Noah?
  • Why did Oliver wish to leave Mr Bumble’s workhouse?

Mr. Grimwig warned Mr Brownlow that the boy would run off with the money. “Nonsense!”, snapped Mr Brownlow. “He’s a good lad”

  • What is the literary device used in the lines above?
  • Why was Nancy ready to betray Fagin?
  • What killed Sikes and where did he die?
  • From the point of view of Monk, why did the robbery at Chertsey fail?
  • What was the consequence of Oliver disobeying Sikes?
  • Who was sad to have a purple lip in the story?
  • How much did Nancy charge Mr Brownlow for letting him know the whereabouts of Monk?



  1. The Dilemma Of A Ghost By Ama Ata Aidoo.
  • The “the sleepless sleep” of the speaker is caused by who?
  • What is the device used in “we came from left, “we came from right.”

“before a morsel hits her teeth”?

  • What literary device is used there?

“Maame, why don’t you and my uncle hurry” 

  • The extract above is an example of what?
  • What’s Monka’s contribution to the development of the plot?
  • Discuss five conflicts in the drama.

I hope this article answered your question.

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