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2nd Batch of TM1 Laptops Arrive for Distribution to JHS Teachers

Ghana Education Service will start the distribution of the 2nd batch of Teachers Mate Laptop (TM1) to the various districts. The 1st Batch of distribution for JHS Teachers began last week as some teachers took delivery of their laptops but the stock was not enough for the total number of JHS Teachers. Ashanti Region has taken delivery of the 2nd batch of laptops to be supplied to the various districts for onwards delivery to the 2nd batch of JHS Teachers . The Various districts will take delivery from the Regional Office beginning the 6th of May and subsequently distribute to JHS Teachers who were unable to receive their supply during the first batch of distribution.

2nd Batch of JHS Teachers will start receiving their laptops from next week at the various districts after the various districts take delivery from the Regional Office.

It will be recalled that Teachers in the Senior High Schools across the country received their delivery a couple of months ago with many people asking when JHS Teachers will receive theirs. KG and Primary School Teachers will be next in line after the distribution to all JHS Teachers with various Regional and District Officers being the last batch to be served.

JHS Teachers who will be captured in this distribution are expected to generate their Collection Code which is the unique code for each teacher.

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