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air hostess salary in ghana


Who are air hostess?

An air hostess commonly called flight attendants, or stewardess, is a someone who tends to passengers on a flight. They review safety practises before the flight, bring passengers requested items, serve food and drinks, and ensure that passengers are comfortable throughout the flight.

Air hostesses also conduct safety checks at various times during a flight, instruct passengers during a plane’s descent, and assist in the deplaning process after landing.

An Air Hostess can be later on promoted as Senior Flight Attendant and then Head Attendant.

Air Hostess has an average career span of eight to ten years, later she can move to the ground duties which include the job of a Check Hostess, training of air hostess, Ground hostess or work with the management level.

Salary range for the majority of workers in Travel attendants and travel stewards – from GH₵416 to GH₵2,053 per month – 2022. A Travel attendants and travel stewards typically earns between GH₵416 and GH₵1,163 net per month at the start of the job.

Also, depending on cadre and experience, flight attendants (including air hostesses) earn between GHC 5.08 and GHC 19.05 every hour. Their job is to ensure that travelers are comfortable aboard flights and safe as well. To this end, you find them serving beverages and meals on flights.

To become a flight attendant, you must attend an aviation college to acquire the necessary training and skill set. Luckily, there are several air hostess schools in Ghana to choose from. Some require a degree before entry, while others need SSCE/WASSCE or BECE results.
Here is a comprehensive list of some of the schools in Gnana you can enrol in.
  1. Mish Aviation. …
  2. International School of Aviation. …
  3. Global Institute of Aviation. …
  4. Institute of Aviation and Professional studies. …
  5. Ghana Civil Aviation Training Academy. …
  6. APTECH Aviation and Hospitality Academy. …
  7. Buckman Aviation.

The minimum requirements for pursuing a Career as an Air Hostess is a 10+2 in any stream (Science,Commerce and Arts) with English as mandatory subject. The minimum educational requirement is completing a 10+2 Diploma in Hospitality Management or go for a Cabin Crew Training.
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