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Art Courses in knust

Arts in education, sometimes referred to as “arts learning”, is an approach to teaching and learning that utilizes creativity, imagination, and artistic exploration to support student outcomes. These programs examine the field of Art Education: its literature, history, trends, theories, and philosophies. The course will also include the study of children's artistic, creative, and aesthetic growth and development. This course can be used to fulfill the College of Liberal Arts, Fine and Performing Arts general education requirements.

Knust is a school that has a whole new department purely specialized in General art courses which are focused on the development of skills considered relevant for the establishment of a prolific, assorted Labor Force for the Country and the world as a whole.


College of Art and Built Environment Courses

  • Architecture (BSc)
  • Development planning (BSc)
  • Construction Technology and management are known as Building Technology (BSc)
  • Quantity surveying and construction Economics (BSc)
  • Real Estate (BSc)
  • Land Economy (BSc)
  • Human Settlement planning (BSc)
  • Painting and Sculpture (BFA)
  • Communication Design (Graphic Design) BA
  • Integrated Rural Art and Industry (BA)
  • Publishing studies (Book Industry) (BA)
  • Industrial arts such as Metalwork, Textiles, Ceramics, and fashion design (BA)
  • Communication design (Parallel) BA
  • Publishing studies (Parallel) BA
  • Integrated Rural Art and Industry (Parallel) BA
  • Painting and Sculpture (Parallel) BFA

Institute of Human settlements Research

  • Centre for Settlements studies and
  • Centre for land studies


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