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Being A Voiceover Artist Was An Accidental Passion

Gift Nna, Nigerian’s Leading Voice Over Artist, Shares Her Story.

Being A Voiceover Artist Was An Accidental Passion

When I started in 2019, I was writing stories on Facebook. I never knew a day would come when I would use my VOICE to make money and equally train others using the voiceover skill to replicate success stories.


Being A Voiceover Artist Was An Accidental Passion
Being A Voiceover Artist Was An Accidental Passion,” Gift Nna Confesses
I was only concerned about putting out my work out there. My content was value driven. People got to read them and the feedback I got was amazing.
One time, An opportunity came for me to join a writing contest which I took a shot at. Well, even though deep down, I felt I didn’t have all it takes. However, I took the courage to try. And fortunately, I emerged a winner.. This gave me much credibility to become impactful.
My fellowership grew and I also had a reason to share and tell my story.

Being A Voiceover Artist Was An Accidental Passion

I knew I had a very beautiful voice, one that suits a customer care representative. I mean, I always get compliments when I talk with someone over the phone… But I had no idea what voiceover was all about more or less making money from it.
My story is a story of an accidental passion.. I guess I stumbled into being a Voiceover Artist. It all started during the covid season when we experienced lockdown.
That faithful evening, while at home, I was bored and I thought to pick up my phone to do something different from writing content.
I quickly made a video of myself talking about “How To Set Your Corn Goal” using (Maize) as a case study. I talked about it expressly in PIDGIN…  I was trying to pass a message via goal setting but infused some level of humour in it.
I posted the video on Facebook and it went viral. Folks started reaching out to me for partnerships. Requests for gigs started coming in as well…That was when I knew I had a ready market to explore.
Truly, I had no idea what Voiceover was all about at its professional level. I was bereft of the knowledge and how to monetize this skill. So, I went on Google and did extensive research and boom! I had some handy information.
However, I still needed to get trained. So a friend of mine, named Ihukwaba Ngadiuba, who has been a huge support system in my career path as a Voice Actor encouraged me to build a career around it.
He told me about a Voiceover training at the time by different VO professionals so I enrolled and that’s exactly how we got here.
I currently run a VOICEOVER ACADEMY where I’ve been able to train close to 200 people and still training. The Academy started in October 2021.
Some students from the academy have made tremendous impacts. Some, aside from learning the rudiments of Voiceovers, they’ve also learned how to sell themselves confidently while replicating success stories.
I do voiceover gigs for brands and business owners. Recently, A Forex company paid me 250k for a PIDGIN GIG.
My message to the world is simple. No skill should be taken for granted. If you realise you’ve got a passion for something or your interest beeps in any of these skills, kindly get trained so you can become better at your craft while monetizing it.

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In conclusion, individuals, need to surround themselves with people who can spot their gifts. Because most times, you might not see through your lens. You need people of value to spot those talents!
Be patient. Learn and own your craft. Understand that the place of training, cannot be overemphasized.

Being A Voiceover Artist Was An Accidental Passion

Truly, You can be everything and more only if you remain consistent and focused!

You can reach out to Gift Nna Here.

Being A Voiceover Artist Was An Accidental Passion
Gift Nna
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