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All You Need To Know About Daniella Williams


Daniella Williams, The Fourteen Years Old Public Figure

“There is eternity in man,” said my dad years back. And this singular quote of his brought about a radical change within and without me. It ignited within me great curiosity to go beyond the surface of my life, of which I believe every intentional human should do as well.

I visibly recall how I experienced issues with communication when I was 11. Of course, I knew I was not an introvert, yet there was this missing link I didn’t realize until I began writing intentionally during the COVID-19 break. It was my missing link– writing!

Starting with coaching, I opened my mind up to new knowledge on how to scale up and do better than I was already doing. A few weeks into the journey, I knew there was a need for me to get “my own” guide and guardian, and that I found in my mentor, Osikha Precious.

Her mentorship was not a bed of roses– there was a mix of roses and thorns as she stretched me beyond what, I thought, was my limit. She encouraged skill acquisitions, of which I engaged, not really knowing the importance at that point.

Daniella Williams, The Fourteen Years Old Public Figure

I also attended various programs online for the purposes of learning how things were done in the online space and building a network of intentional people. And after many deliberations, I began writing!

You know what?

Daniella Williams, The Fourteen Years Old Public Figure

When I began, there was this fear, a not-so-sure feeling that brooded within me. “I was a kid and there’s not much to worry about,” you may think, but the truth is every new step challenges old steps in both adults and kids.

For me, I had health issues which could keep me weak for months, of which during those months I just rested and got medical attention, but things were different now. There was writing in my life, and seriousness was one thing I always appreciate being viewed as, not the counterpart. Yet… I wasn’t ready to give up on this newly explored passion, so I went on regardless.

Moreover, transformation takes times you’ve probably heard. My case wasn’t any different. As during my process of transformation, I experienced many sleepless nights, spending them on book reading, self evaluation and courses management.

There were also a lot of relationship breaks– I had to reconsider friendship and relationship with several myopic minded humans who criticized my doings for protecting mental sanity and also developing my future. It was hard, no lies, but definitely it was worth it. Worth it? How?

My journey in this online space has built impact. Consistently showing up for 2 years and more has developed interest from people across the globe in what I do. And for records sake, I have been invited to speak on numerous national and international platforms, and I am still open to more!

Daniella Williams, The Fourteen Years Old Public Figure

Great honors have been bestowed on me in respect to all that I do in the online space, evidences are displayed across my social media platforms.

In 2021, I was invited to my first physical award gathering, wherein I was awarded as the Young Personality of the year by The Iconic Brand Award (TIBA). Late this year around September, I got an invitation to speak to 2000+ teenagers and young adults in Nigeria as well.

Furthermore, I hope you know that if your message only brings external reward, there’s a need for critical observation. Believe me you, my message has changed me. Being the Lady of Essence has drawn me into the place of mental, physical, spiritual and emotional transformation.

I don’t think myopic. My physical appearance at all times I ensure is worth it. Developing capacity in the spirit for greater influence I have also embraced. Emotionally, I am developing a filter in mind and saving myself unnecessary emotional stress.

Regarding my journey so far, I have learned quite a lot– there’s no excuse for purpose being the first. Despite my health and age barrier, I embraced purpose.

Knowing is half the battle is also another lesson which I have learned. It is not enough to be knowledgeable, application is of great importance.

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To you reading this, you’re probably awed at how far I have come and most likely hoping to build your message someday. Here’s me deciding to help you by sharing some valuable tips on how to begin and ace in your path of influence, such as:

1. Discover what works for you.

This could be in line with knowing your niche, mine is leadership, lifestyle, and healing. And all these niches I pass across using storytelling, public speaking and content creation.

What are the things that interests you? What category do they mostly belong to? How do you want to pass your message across? These and many questions will be of help to you.

2. Embrace Mentorship

This cannot be overemphasized! Mentorship makes the journey easier. You don’t have all the time for trial and error, and moreover, it makes no sense to repeat mistakes that could be avoided.

Look for a personality that reckons with what works for you and submit under their mentorship. Don’t just go to their inbox and say “mentor me” because I can bet with you that you’d be ignored.

Volunteer for their programs, interact with all that they put out online, and then slowly, yet interestingly, you’d win your mentorship spot.

3. Build quality relationships

“Your network,” they say, “is your net worth.” Truthfully, this quote is not wrong. But beyond just knowing valuable people, build a connection with them. Attend classes, be visible.

You might be an introvert, making communication hard for you, and that I understand. The best you can do is continually communicate online until it becomes a part of you.

4. Start and remain!

Your message is essential, it’d be a great loss to the world if you do not put it out there. After knowing what there is to be known, go on and start.

The fear of failure?

It’d always be there and surprisingly, there are times wherein you’d fail. However, failures makes success credible (note that, you don’t have to make grave mistakes) so go ahead and begin regardless.

Dear you, much more than beginning, there’s a need to remain. This new land which you’ve gotten, keep with all your might. People will only know, like, and trust you when you remain in that which you do.

Don’t be here today and tomorrow you’re elsewhere. If it’s worth doing, do it well! Whatever your hands find to do, with utmost excellence and sincerity, DO IT!

Conclusively, I believe that in our pains we find purpose and in the end, there’s eternity in man. Meaning that, there’s more to the eye than is seen.

So dear you, take up the responsibility of discovery, speak of the things that be not as though they be and save your future!

I am Daniella Williams, fondly called the Lady of Essence, a creative storyteller, content creator, and public speaker on the niches of Leadership, lifestyle, and healing. I am on the journey of writing hidden thoughts in plain words, building a hut for the hurt, helping youngsters and adults to live quality lives irrespective of their past flaws. And more than ever, I am igniting a good matter in this generation and many more.

You can connect with Daniella Williams Here.

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