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Day 3 of nter Scool Boys Soccer:KASS, OWASS, Asass, Aduman, Juass Win, Adgass, Kumaca, KOSS Out

Ashanti Schools Soccer competition enters day 4 today with some interesting matches.

Games delayed due to torrential rains in Obuasi. Game started around 10:40am today.

Match 1

Kumasi Anglican SHS 1:0 KUMACA

A scrappy goal by Kumasi Anglican SHS. KUMACA’s goalkeeper looking very vulnerable at each attack. KASS looking like a decent side. Still first half.

Match ends 1:0 for KASS. Congratulations to Kumasi Anglican SHS. See you in the next round. Aduman dictating the pace of the game here.

Match 2

Juaben SHS vs Jacobu SHTS (1:0).

Pulsating match here. Balanced game.. Not much difference between the sides

Juaben has been quite good but wasted some few chances.

Penalty for Juaben SHS….

Goaaaaaaalllllll ffor Juaben SHS. Referee order replay…… Goal again. He scores again. Number three shirted…

It ends here 1:0 for Juaben. Through to round of 16.

Final Score Juaben 1:0 Jacobu

Match 3

Now we move to the Round of 16.

Adu Gyamfi SHS vs Aduman SHS (1:1)

The most exciting game of the day. It starts on exciting note.

Goal by Aduman SHS disallowed for offside. Adu Gyamfi gradually warming themselves into the game. Great game here. 2nd half….. Still goalless here.

Goaaaaalllllllllhere Aduman 1:0 Adu Gyamfi SHS…. Really exciting game here. Aduman in control and cruising to victory. Attah Amos scored for Aduman SHS.

Gooooooaaaaaaal here by Adu Gyamfi SHS. Wonderful free kick from a soft infringement.

It’s 1:1 here. Few minutes to end the game.

We settle the scores on penalties after game ends 1:1.

Adu Gyamfi wastes it. Hits the upright. Aduman scores, 1:0

Adu Gyamfi scores (1 out of 2). Aduman scores. Adu Gyamfi fails to score. Aduman scores. Adu Gyamfi scores. Aduman misses. Aduman still leads on penalties. Adu Gyamfi scores. Aduman scores. Aduman wins 4:3 on penalties.

Aduman Qualifies to the Quarter final stage.

Match 4

Osei Kyeretwie vs Konongo Odumasi (2:0)

OKESS wasting glorious chances here.

OKESS sscores gooaaaaallllllllllll.

OKESS 1:0 KOSS……. Okess playing quite well.

Nice finish by Alfred Emmanuel Duah scores number 2 for OKESS. Okess cruising to victory here.

Match ENDS….. OKESS WIN 2:0

Tweneboa Kodua SHS wins 2:1 Against Asare Bediako SHS to qualify to quarter finals. Asare Bediako SHS won a protest against Prempeh College

Match 6

Opoku Ware School vs OWERRIMAN

Owass opens the Score line with a beautiful header. OWASS 1:0 OWERRIMAN

Another goal for OWASS……. 2:0 now

Asanteman leads Okomfo Anokye SHS 2:0 here after impressive start. Stunning strike from 36 yards gives Asass 2 goal lead.

DAY 2 Results

Opoku Ware School beats Fomena T. I. Amass 3:1 to book a place in the Round of 16. Very tactical performance from Tactical Sabuto.

Asanteman wins 3:2 against Okomfo Anokye SHS to qualify for Quarter Finals. Congratulations

We are back here on Monday.

Match 2

Okomfo Anokye SHS 2:1 Agona SHTS

Very balanced game at Len Clay Sports Stadium. The lads from Waimoase beating their district rivals Okomfo Anokye SHS 2:1 here…. 2nd half ongoing. Okomfo Anokye wins it 2:1

Match 3

Osei Tutu vs Asanteman… Tight one to predict.

Bechem United’s Clinton Duodu featuring here. Huge expectations on him.

Match about to kick off….. Good luck to both schools

Match underway O. T. 0:0 Asanteman SHS

Asanteman on fire here. Clinton struggling to make impact. O. T. lacks talent depth in the team. Just relying on individual brilliance from Clinton Duodu. Asanteman well coached and very talented. Clinton trying to fall deep for supply but man marking making it difficult for him.

It ends here scoreless at the end of the game. Penalty shootout here.

Asanteman wwins 4:3 on penalties. Congrats to Asanteman…. Clinton didn’t cover himself in glory even though he scored his penalty kick.

Match 4

Toase SHS taking on Jachie Pramso SHS

Toase SHS wins 3:2 on penalties in favor of TOSS after an exciting game.

Congratulations to TOSS

Match 5

Host Obuasi SHTS taking on Agric Nzema SHS in an interesting game. Massive home support by indigeons of Obuasi.

GoaaaaaaaallllllllllObuasi SHTS takes the lead here. Kelvin Kyere takes the lead for O’secTec.

Another Goaaaaaaaalllllllll from Kelvin Kyere……… O’secTec 2:0 Agric Nzema

Another goal for Obuasi SHTS…… O’secTec 3:0 Agric Nzema

Agric Nzema pulls one back courtesy a penalty infringement. Its 3:1 now. Match ends by 3:1

Regional Minster Simon Osei Mensah just arrived at Len Clay Stadium to show solidarity.

Obuasi SHTS through to the next round after a fantastic performance.

Match 6

T. I. Amass Kumasi leads by 1:0 against Antoa SHS.

T. I. Amass looks like a well coached team with their technical team led newly transferred P. E. Tutor and Technical member of Asante Kotoko Coach Abdul Gazale.

T. I. Amass wins by impressive 4:0 against Antoa SHS.

Sakafia SHS failed to glitter in their match against Adanwomase SHS as the match ended scoreless with Adanwomase SHS winning on penalties.

We return tomorrow for the last two round of 32 Matches and then zoom straight into round 16 matches.

The biggest win so far in the competition.

Day 1 results as it happened. Minute by minute account.

Refresh every 3 minutes for updates

Update of inter school boys soccer competition happening at Obuasi Len Clay Stadium.

1st Match

Jacobu SHTS 0:0 Ghana Muslim Mission (play off match)

Jacobu wins 5:4 on penalties

Match 2

Adu Gyamfi SHS 1:1 St Jerome SHS…. Ongoing now

Adu Gyamfi takes the lead in penalties… Still ongoing…… Adu Gyamfi 4:1 up now now. Not on Penalties bu open play. Aduman no dey joke for here

Adu Gyamfi wins 4:2 on penalties. Through to round of 16. Congratulations Adu Gyamfi SHS……. Narrow escape… Marvelous performance from St Jerome. Hard luck

Up next

Aduman SHS vs Mpasatia SHTS (3:1)

Aduman takes the lead…… Dreams FC’s Blessing Dela dazzling (10 shirted) here

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