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Details of 7 Shisha-Smong-Tw3rking SHS Girls Emerge: Check Out Details

A viral video circulating on Social Media has got Ghanaians talking about the conduct of the youth of today as about seven girls purpoted to be students of Sunyani Senior High School (SUSEC) are seen smoking shisha and tw3rking in the video as a another records them.

Some few details have emerged from the incidence as Kumasi based station Kumasi Fm has dug out some other few details about the video to put the issue in perspective and to elaborate more on what school and educational authorities are doing about it.

Shisha smoking students

In a Facebook post, the station stated that

“These are students of Sunyani Secondary School (SUSEC). The incidence happened on Monday, 6th June, 2022. The 7 girls broke bounds around 10 am and were picked up by 2 young men at Sunyani Technical University. They were spotted by a teacher who reported to the authorities. Roll call was conducted immediately. The following morning these videos started popping up. The 7 were quickly arraigned and their parents invited. The Board chairman and Municipal and Regional Directors have been officially informed. They have since been given indefinite suspension. 3 young men have been arrested in connection with that and the Regional Police command have taken over investigation. Report has been sent to the Director General.

Reports suggest that the parents of the seven pretty young ladies were shocked to see the video in circulation of their wards in that posture. Some parents didn’t believe their wards could be involved such acts as these innocent harmless looking girls smoke shisha and twerk for the cameras.

What is shisha smoking?

Shisha smoking, also called narghile, water pipe, hookah or hubble bubble smoking, originates from the Middle East and certain areas of Asia, but has recently become more popular in the UK especially with young people.

It is a way of smoking tobacco through a bowl with a hose or tube joined on. The tube has a mouthpiece that the smoker uses to breath in the smoke.

What’s in shisha?

Shisha usually contains tobacco which is sometimes mixed with fruit or molasses sugar. Popular flavours include apple, strawberry, mint and cola. Wood, coal or charcoal is burned in the shisha pipe to heat the tobacco and create the smoke.

What are the risks?

Shisha often contains the same type of tobacco as you get in cigarettes. This means shisha smokers are at risk of developing the same health problems as cigarette smokers, such as cancer and heart disease.

Because Shisha can contain nicotine (the addictive ingredient in cigarettes) you can become addicted to smoking shisha.

A World Health Organisation study has suggested that a one hour session of smoking shisha can be the same as smoking 100 or more cigarettes.

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