A person who works as an enumerator is responsible fGhana or managing and collecting biographic and biometric data of all household members and filling out PMT Questionnaires using the Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI) method.
He/ She is also tasked with the work of interviewing household representatives and working closely with his/her colleagues in the Mobile Registration Team.

What is the average salary of Enumerators in Ghana?

Before enumerators are dispatched to undertake their duties, a training section is held for the workers for ten days in which participants of the training receive a daily allowance of GH¢50 each day for the ten days. Enumerators will be paid 110ghc and supervisors 140ghc respectively in accumulation for the 21 days engaged.

Enumerators are paid a fixed fee for the delivery and collection of census forms in their area along with fixed allowances for training, home storage, Sunday working, and travel. The CSO says that enumerators will earn approximately €2,400 for the ten weeks.
Enumerators are the main team members acting as the last mile agent and responsible for the actual registration or enumeration of targeted households. Specific duties include;

•   Sensitize households in each community on the GNHR registration process.
•   Undertake data collection with household heads or representatives and fill out the PMT questionnaire using the BIO-PMT tablets
•   Capture fingerprints of all household members who are 15 years and above
•   Provide daily progress updates to supervisors
•   Submit daily activity log reports to central servers
•   Transmit complete data to the server
•   Check and monitor the correct operation of the BIO-PMT tablet
•   Maintain the BIO-PMT tablet in good working condition
•   Operate any backup plan provided in case of non-availability of part of the solution
•   Discuss in detail the observations and follow the suggestions by the Supervisor to ensure the quality of the biometrics, photos, and PMT collected.

Qualification Required & Experience

•   Must be a Ghanaian
•   A diploma degree holder
•   Experience in conducting field interviews preferably in rural communities
•   Experience in utilizing technology tools
•   Familiarity with the use of Android devices
•   Ability to work independently as well as an effective team player
•   Willingness to travel and work in remote communities in the Upper East Region for 3-4 months
•   Ability to speak the main language spoken in the specific district you applied to work.
•   Excellent knowledge of the geographical locations of communities in the chosen district

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