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GES 2021 Promotion Exam Results Released; How To Access Your Promotion Results

The Ghana Education Service has officially announced the release of Promotion exam results written last December 2021 by personnel of the Ghana Education Service.

Out of 39,918 candidates who were shortlisted for the test, 26,954 candidates representing 67.5% were successful in the Exams.

For the Deputy Director grade 3,538 candidates took part with 2,330 representing 65.8% being successful.

Additionally, 10,950 personnel took part in the exams for Assistant Director I with 7,785 being successful in the exams representing 71%.

Candidates who sat for the Rank of Assistant Director II were 22,101 out of which 14,541 candidates representing 65.8% were successful.

For the rank of Principal Superintendent,a total of 3,329 candidates were successful out of which 69% representing 2,298 managed to pass.

Results of the promotion exams have been uploaded on to the www.gespromotions.gov.gh with candidates expected to access the system through a subscription of GH10.00

To access your promotion results, these are few steps to follow

Steps to Check Promotions

  1. Navigate to the Homepage   www.gespromotions.gov.gh
  1. Click on eVoucher Card and Select Promotions
  1. Enter Staff ID to confirm Staff’s promotion
  1. Fill in the appropriate details for payment
  1. Proceed to the Promotions Result Page and select your Staff Type, enter your Staff ID and eVoucher number to view and print your promotion letter.

The letter below details the breakdown of the Promotion Results.

Thanks for reading this article on Promotion Results and How to Access the portal.

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