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GES Promotion Portal.

GES Promotion Portal.

The Ghana Education Service (GES) was established, as part of the Public Service of Ghana, in 1974 by NRCD 247 and was subsequently amended by NRCD 252, 357 and SMCD 63.

Under the fourth Republican Constitution of Ghana, these earlier legislations have been amended by Acts of Parliament, including Act 506 (1994) and Act 778 (2008). The GES is governed by a fifteen-member Council called the GES Council.

www.merriam-webster.com defines promotion as the act of being raised in position or rank.

Every employee hopes for advancement in their place of work.

The employees of Ghana Education Service are no exception.

The Ghana Education Service (GES) has officially opened the GES promotion portal for AD I, AD II Deputy Director, PS, and Non- Teaching Staff to apply for GES promotion and subsequent upgrade in rank.

Below are the steps to check GES Promotions.

Steps To Check GES Promotions.

  • Navigate to the Homepage.
  • Click on e-Voucher Card and Select Promotions.
  • Enter Staff ID to confirm Staff’s promotion.
  • Fill in the appropriate details for payment.
  • Proceed to the Promotions Result Page and select your Staff Type, enter your Staff ID and e-Voucher number to view and print your promotion letter.

NOTE: Recommended Browsers are Internet Explorer 9 or above, Firefox

39 or above, Google Chrome 39 or above and Safari 6 or above.

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