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GIMPA master’s programmes 2022/2023

GIMPA master’s programmes

GIMPA Applications are invited from suitably qualified applicants to pursue a programme leading to the award of a Masters’ Degree in Public Sector Management under the School of Public Service and Governance, Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration.

The Programme is a one–year intensive masters’ degree programme that is designed to equip Anglophone West African countries with a critical mass of Public Sector Managers, trained to provide effective leadership for meeting the developmental challenges in their various countries. The programme was introduced to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of Public Sector Management in West Africa.

This article presents you Various Masters Programmes designed GIMPA For its applicants

Required(core) course(s): 30 credits
Participants are required to take all core courses with the exception of GMBA 799 (Strategic
Management) prior to enrolling in elective courses. GMBA 799 may be taken in the last
semester/session of study only.
GMBA 601 Managing Organizations (3 credits)
GMBA 602 Business Economics (3 credits)
GMBA 603 Accounting for Decision Making (3 credits) 15
GMBA 604 Business Environments (3 credits)
GMBA 605 Analytic Skills for Decision Making (3 credits)
GMBA 606 Marketing Management (3 credits)
GMBA 607 Managing Operations (3 credits)
GMBA 608 Information Systems (3 credits)
GMBA 609 Managerial Finance (3 credits)
GMBA 799 Strategic Management (3 credits)
Students may be granted exemptions of up to twelve (12) credit hours, i.e. four (4) courses, on the basis
of prior coursework upon application to the Dean. A grade of B or better must have been earned from
a reputable university to qualify.
However, no participant may graduate with fewer than thirty-six (36) credit hours taken at the GIMPA
Business School.
The following are the courses that are eligible for exemption:
GMBA 601 Managing Organizations (3 credits)
GMBA 602 Business Economics (3 credits)
GMBA 603 Accounting for Decision Making (3 credits)
GMBA 606 Marketing Management (3 credits)
GMBA 609 Managerial Finance (3 credits)
Elective course(s): (Students enroll in a minimum of 4 courses)
GMBA 700 Customer Relationship Management
GMBA 701 Strategic Marketing
GMBA 702 Services Marketing
GMBA 703 Marketing Communications
GMBA 704 Brand Management
GMBA 705 Marketing Research
GMBA 706 Sales Management
GMBA 707 International Marketing
GMBA 708 Social Marketing
GMBA 709 Distribution Channel Management
GMBA 710 Business to Business Marketing
GMBA 711 Corporate Finance
GMBA 712 Investment Management
GMBA 713 Financial Markets and Institutions
GMBA 714 Money and Banking
GMBA 715 Financial Institution Management
GMBA 716 Risk Management in Financial Institutions
GMBA 717 International Finance
GMBA 718 Actuarial Science Methods
GMBA 719 Advanced Corporate Finance
Accounting and Taxation
GMBA 720 Advanced Financial Accounting
GMBA 721 Managerial Accounting
GMBA 722 Public Sector Accounting and Finance
GMBA 723 Tax Administration and Practice
GMBA 724 Auditing
GMBA 725 Special Topics in Taxation
GMBA 726 Financial Statement Analysis
GMBA 730 Entrepreneurship
GMBA 731 New Venture Commercialization
GMBA 732 Managing SMEs
GMBA 733 Entrepreneurship Practicum
GMBA 734 Social Entrepreneurship
GMBA 735 New Venture Finance
Project Management
GMBA 750 Project Management
GMBA 751 Strategic Cost Management
GMBA 754 Total Quality Management
GMBA 755 Advanced Project Management
GMBA 756 Project Analysis and Planning
GMBA 757 Cost-Benefit Analysis
GMBA 758 Monitoring and Evaluation
Not for Profit Management
GMBA 734 Social Entrepreneurship
GMBA 740 Program Analysis and Evaluation
GMBA 741 Financial Management for Public Service Organizations
GMBA 742 Financing Public Service Organizations
GMBA 743 Managing Public Service Organizations
GMBA 744 Education Management
GMBA 745 Health Care Management
GMBA 747 Managing Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)
Human Resource Management
GMBA 760 Human Resource Management
GMBA 761 Negotiations and Conflict Resolution
GMBA 762 Special Topics in HR Management
GMBA 763 International Human Resource Management
GMBA 764 The Employment Market
GMBA 765 Performance Management
GMBA 766 Organizational Development
GMBA 767 HR Staffing, Training and Development
Operations and Supply Chain Management
GMBA 710 Business to Business Marketing
GMBA 770 Supply Chain Management
GMBA 771 Logistics Management
GMBA 772 Strategic Procurement Management
GMBA 773 Supply Chain Network Design
GMBA 774 Manufacturing Strategy
GMBA 775 Supply Chain Analytics
GMBA 776 Service Operations Management
Health Care Management
GMBA 777 Health Policy
GMBA 778 Health Services Operations Management
GMBA 779 Health Economics
GMBA 780 Strategic Management in Healthcare Organisations
GMBA 781 Healthcare Finance
GMBA 782 Health Care Information Management Systems
GMBA 783 Legal and Ethical Issues in Health Care
Agribusiness Management
GMBA 784 Agribusiness Strategic Management
GMBA 785 Agribusiness Production and Operations Management
GMBA 786 Agricultural Policy Analysis
GMBA 787 Agricultural Marketing Management
GMBA 788 Agricultural Project Planning & Investment Analysis
GMBA 789 Agricultural Commodity Trading
GMBA 790 Agricultural Supply Chains
GMBA 791 International Agricultural Trade
GMBA 792 Agribusiness Management
Environmental Management
GMBA 793 Environmental Economics and Policy
GMBA 794 Introduction to Environmental Law
GMBA 795 Environmental Management Methodologies
GMBA 796 Climate Change Economics and Policy
GMBA 797 Introduction to GIS for Environmental Management and Planning
GMBA 798 Introduction to Natural Resource Economics
GMBA 801 Sustainable Supply Chains
GMBA 802 Eco-toxicology
Sports Management
GMBA 803 Sports Marketing Management
GMBA 804 Sports Finance
GMBA 805 Sports Project Management
GMBA 806 Sports Law
GMBA 807 Media Relations and Sports
GMBA 808 Sports Economics

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