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GRA registration of tin for organizations and companies

The GRA would continue to generate and issue TIN to organizations, companies, and, all legal persons. Organizational TIN is required for business activities conducted by companies liable to pay state taxes. TIN is also needed by organizations for identification amongst others.

Organizations can register for the TIN only after they have been registered at the Registrar General’s Department (RGD).

GRA’s TIN Centre has co-located at the premises of the RGD, to provide a one-stop-shop office issuing TIN. This allows Directors, Shareholders, and Board Members to register and be issued the organization’s TIN to enable them to continue with the business registration process.

Organizations not required to register with RGD

Organizations that do not require RGD registration such as; Ministries, Departments, Agencies (MDAs), Cooperatives, Foreign Missions, Trusts, Metropolitans-Municipals-Districts-Assemblies (MMDAs), Public Institutions, etc., are required to attach an introductory letter to a completed Organisational TIN Form and other relevant documents determined by the Taxpayer Identification Unit for processing at any GRA DTRD Taxpayer Service Centre. When the certificate is ready, the officer in charge will communicate with the organization via SMS.

Organizational TIN registration applies to the under-listed required to register with the RGD:

  • Business Names
  • Companies limited by shares (Including subsidiaries)
  • Companies limited by guarantee
  • External companies
  • Partnerships
  • Subsidiary Business Names

TIN/ Ghana Card PIN Verification

The TIN/Ghana Card PIN verification portal is available here when you need to verify the validity of a TIN or Ghana Card PIN that has been presented to you.

Special TIN Registration Arrangement for Third-Party institutions

To facilitate the compliance by mandated institutions listed in the First Schedule of the Revenue Administration Act (RAA), 2016(Act 715), a special email account (service.desk@gra.gov.gh) has been created by the Taxpayer Identification Unit to enable mandated institutions to submit duly completed TIN application forms on behalf of their clients who transact business with them.

Completed TIN Forms submitted to GRA through this special email are processed, and the TIN is then generated for the applicant and communicated back to the mandated institution. This special arrangement is currently available to only Ecobank; however, discussions are ongoing to replicate the same for all mandated institutions, to facilitate their compliance with the RAA while making TIN acquisition easy for their clients conducting business with these mandated institutions.


Companies, Corporations, and other Legal Persons are still required to use their existing TIN for all their tax-related transactions.

Relevant TIN Downloads & Services

  • Organizational TIN form
  • Verify TIN
  • Update TIN
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