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High School Debate; All Zone 1 Pairings and Motions for Prelims Contests


Pairings and Motions

1. Kumasi Girls’ (F) vs Osei Tutu II college (A).

Motion: Partisan politics is the cause of the under development of Africa

2. Mabang SHTS(A) vs Osei Tutu SHS(F).

Motion: Free SHS has improved education

3. Islamic SHS(A) vs Nyinnahin CATH(F).

Motion: A teacher is the cause of poor academic performance of students

4. Aduman SHS(A) vs Mankranso SHS(F).

Motion: The citizens make our leaders corrupt

5. Afua kobi Girls’(A) vs Adugyama SHS (F).

Motion: Blame parents for the ill behavior of their wards not social media

6. YAGSS(F) vs Wiafe Akenten(A).

Motion: Allow the use of phone at second cycle education level

7. Toase(A) vs Nkawie SHTS(F).

Motion: Civil servant more corrupt than politicians

8. St Jerome shs(F) vs Namong SHTS (A).

Motion: Highlife represent the Ghanaian culture more than hiplife

9. St Michael’s SHS(F) vs Tepa SHS (A).

Motion: African is still in slavery

10. Adventist SHS, KSI(A) vs Mpasatia SHTS (F).

Motion: Fake pastors explore the ignorance of the people than politicians

11. Barekese SHS(A) vs Akumadan SHS(F).

Motion:Our level of development, commiserate with our taxes

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