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High School Debate: Road to The Grand Finale is Out: Check Out the Path from Round 16 to The Grand Finale

The Road to the finals of the Luv Fm High School Debate is out now. This details how the path for various schools will look like on the road to the final.

The winner for Prempeh vs Ghana Muslim Mission SHS will meet Tepa vs KNUST SHS in the Quarter finals while winner for Fomena Amass vs O. T faces Yagss vs OLAG in the quarter finals.

The Winner for St Monica vs Simms will face the winner of the Kumasi High School vs Amass-Ksi encounter. Owass vs St. Hubert winner will clash with Adventist Girls vs Presby SHS, Bompata winner in the quarter final.

The Road to the final is published below.

Eight schools were drawn in Pot 1 based on their previous showing in the competition while another eight took pot 2.

The Schools in Pot 1 were then drawn against the schools in Pot 2 alongside their motions and contests.

The outcome of the draw is as follows ;

  1. Tepa SHS vs KNUST SHS
  2. O. T. vs Fomena T. I. Amass
  3. YAGSS vs Our Lady of Grace SHS
  4. Simms SHS vs St. Monica’s
  5. OWASS vs St Hubert Seminary
  6. Prempeh College vs Ghana Muslim Mission SHS
  7. Advetist Girls vs Presby SHS, Bompata
  8. T. I. Amass vs Kumasi High School
  1. Tepa (A) VS KNUST (F)
    Lincensure examination is not necessary for teachers
  2. O. T SHS(A) vs FOMENA, T. I AMASS(F)
    Betting game has more positives than negatives
  3. YAGSS(A) vs OLAG (F)
    Football is a tool for development of Africa
  4. Simms (A) vs St Monica’s (F)
    School feeding at the basic school level has not yielded any positive impact
  5. Owass(A) vs St Hubert (F)
    Monetization of our elections, is it a big deal?
  6. Prempeh college (A) vs Ghana Muslim mission (F)
    Teachers should be allowed to discipline recalcitrant students
  7. PRESBY SHS, Bompata (A) vs Adventist Girls (F)


  1. Kumasi high schools(A) vs T. I AMASS (F) Ghana’s E-levy, a blessing in disguise?
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