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Higher National Diploma (HND) is a level of academic higher education. They were launched in England and Wales with the Ordinary National Diploma and the Higher National Certificate in 1920.

The same qualification is also available in Argentina, Brunei, India, Malta, Nigeria, and here in Ghana, Kenya, and a few more countries with British relations.

Larger National Diplomas are assessed using a weighted average of the marks obtained in examinations and other assessments (with higher weight given to marks obtained in the final year of the course and typically zero weight given to marks obtained in the first year).s.

Have you ever wondered, “What is the admission requirement for HND applicants at Knust?” How can I apply for HND admission at Knust? How long do HND holders have to study at Knust?

If so, your questions will be solved in this post, which will explain everything there is to know about Admission requirements for HND holders to read degree programs at KNUST.

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If you are an HND applicant, you should meet the following requirements to secure admission to read a degree program at Knust:

  • First, you must possess a minimum of Second Class Lower HND certificate from a recognised academic institution in Ghana or elsewhere.
  • Second, you must have at least three (3) years of working experience in a related field of endeavour.
  • Remember that you will gain admission to enter Level 300 if you possess a Second Class Upper. However, you will enter into Level 200 if you possess Second Class Lower Division certificate. Also, you will enter directly to Level 300 if your certificate directly relates to the Knust program you apply for. However, you may enter into Level 200 if your certificate is unrelated to the Knust course you are applying for.

Does Wassce, SSSCE or GCE O Level Results Matter?

Apart from an HND, you can apply with additional credentials such as wassce/ssce results.

In general, your HND score and certificate are used by the institution to determine your eligibility for the programme.

NOTE: When applying for certain programs, the institution may check back at your Wassce, SSSCE, or O and A-Level grades.


Now how do I apply for admission to Knust with an HND certificate?

  • First, you need to buy an E-Voucher from a designated point of sale in Ghana.
  • Secondly, you can use Mobile Money to buy your Knust E-Voucher.
  • Also, foreigners can buy their admission forms online using Visa Cards or MasterCards.


There are two types of students at Knust when it comes to fees: Regular Students and Fee Paying Students.

Keep in mind that this classification only applies to HND and Degree students at Knust.

As a result, your admission price is determined by whether you are a Regular Student or a Fee Paying Student.

You might either be classified as a Ghanaian or an International Student.

The only distinction is that the government covers a portion of the tuition for both ordinary and Ghanaian students.

Fee-paying students, on the other hand, are treated by the university as International Students who pay the full cost of their university study at Knust.

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