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University admission or college admission is the process through which students enter tertiary education at universities and colleges. Systems or criteria or modes for admission vary widely from country to country, and sometimes from institution to institution.

When a student or an applicant is successfully offered admission to a college or university to offer a desired course or program, the applicant will be notified by an SMS or Email alert with the help of the contact lines on His or Her application. The offer is contingent upon the successful completion of any academic work in progress and submission of final transcripts (if needed).


All admitted students are required to log in to the link above with their admission Serial Number and Pin to download the Admission Letter.

Procedure For Registration as a Fresher

Full registration involves:

  • Printing of provisional admission letter
  • Payment of Fees
  • Online Registration
  • Registration/ Collection of Course Materials at Learning Centre

STEP 2:  Payment of Fees

ALL students are to pay fees as stated in their admission letters into the College of Education DE Students Fee Collection Account at any branch of GCB Bank Limited. Students should quote in full their names, level of study and student identification numbers (stated in admission letter) on all payment slips and counterfoils.


  • The number appearing in your letter of admission shall constitute your student identification number and shall remain your identification number throughout your studentship in this University. You shall quote this number wherever your identification number is required. This number shall also be used in writing all university examinations and payment of all approved fees.
  • Students are strongly advised to keep all copies of payment receipts, registration receipts and materials in a safe place.  In the event of any difficulty arising from a student’s registration, the College Academic Affairs Office shall demand an inspection of all receipts and registration material.
  • Students who have problems with the payment of fees may contact their respective Learning Centres or send an email to coeacademic@ug.edu.gh.

STEP 3:   Online Registration

  • Undertake on-line registration 48 hours after payment of fees. The steps for the online registration are available at the website, www.ug.edu.gh.


  • Details of courses to be taken by students admitted to various programs are available in the student handbooks which are available online and in the course bulletin at the Learning Centers. 
  • Students should register only for programs/subjects as stated in their provisional admission letters
  • Remember to print a “proof of registration”. You shall be required to show a proof of registration at the Centre.

STEP 4: Registration/Collection of Course Materials at the Learning Centre

All fresh students are expected to register at their Learning Centers and bring their electronic devices there to collect course materials. Upon arrival, proceed to the registration officers and undertake the following processes:

  1. Show your Provisional Admission letter and proof of online registration
  2. Proceed with registration
  3. Collect your course materials

All nursing students are required to submit copies of the following to the registration officers at the Centres:

  1. Transcripts
  2. Registered Nursing Certificate (R/GN/MN/M/CN)

Any student who fails to submit the documents or submits them late after the deadline will have his/her admission canceled or Rejected by the School. 

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