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Who is Angela Victoria Johnson?

In America, Angela works as a nurse and a businesswoman. She is also well known for dating a prominent person in secret. In other words, Kyle Chrisley’s ex-girlfriend Angela. Last but not least, Chloe, a girl, was born to Angela and Kyle.


On August 21, 1991, Angela was conceived. She is currently 31 years old.

Relationship Status

She is currently unmarried but was formerly married to Kyle Chrisley and Chloe, their subsequent living child.


Angela wanted to live a separate life from her daughter Chloe once Kyle’s circumstances deteriorated. But it wasn’t as simple as she had anticipated. Chloe was just one when Chrisley’sfamily sued Angela for slander in October 2013.

Even though Chloe should live with her mother first and foremost, Kyle was awarded visiting rights and child support obligations.



We learned that she is African American when it comes to her ancestry.

Social media Involvement

One of the key reasons why her present marital status is unknown is because she is not active on social media sites.

Net Worth

Worth of Angela Victoria Johnson. As of the year 2022, Angela’s net worth is anticipated to be between $1 and $1.5 million. Her work as a nurse is her primary source of income. But her spouse gives her a fair portion.


What happened to Angela?

What has become of Angela Victoria Johnson… She still resides in South Carolina, albeit not much about her whereabouts has been disclosed to the media as of yet.

Is there fight in Angela’s parenting?

Kyle Chrisley distanced himself from his famous family for a long time, even accusing his father once of using Chloe for ratings (via The US Sun). All of that has changed now that Kyle has renewed his relationship with his father. Kyle even thanked his father on Instagram for standing with him all these years. Kyle has been able to reestablish contact with his daughter because to this new friendship.


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