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The Department of Human Resource and Organizational Development under the the KNUST School of business (KSB) runs courses in conjunction with the other departments to produce world class graduates for the corporate world.

Some courses undertaken by the department include Human Resource Management, Management & Organizational Development, ‘Employment Relations and Bargaining as well as many others.

Program at KSB are designed to equip students with knowledge and skills that will lead to success in the workplace. KSB specializes in skills development necessary for creating a productive, diverse workforce for the nation and beyond.

At KSB we embrace the power of diversity and the positive impact it plays in creating a world-class educational experience. We adopt a diversified approach to program development geared at producing a multi-faceted graduate who is able to understand the diverse aspects of the business environment.

Through our BSc., MBA, MSc, MPhil and PhD programs we show our commitment to producing leaders who make a difference. We encourage you to explore our academic and professional programs on these pages.

The BSc. Business administration program is a four year program with students opting to study on full time or part time basis to suit their lifestyles and academic development

Every student that graduates from KSB’s BSc in Business Administration Program:

  1. Takes at least 4 courses in the area of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
  2. Takes courses in French, English Language and Business Communications for 2 years.
  3. Is expected to develop and apply computer and analytical skills and therefore the relevant competencies that are required have been built into courses.

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Degree has the following specialization options;

  1. Accounting
  2. Banking and Finance
  3. Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  4. Procurement Management
  5. Business Information Technology
  6. Marketing Management
  7. International Business Management
  8. Human Resource Management
  9. Management and Organizational Development

Table of Contents

Year One

  • Year One Semester One
    1. ENG 157 Communication Skill (2 Credit Hours)
    2. ISD 151 Business Mathematics (3 Credit Hours)
    3. ISD 153 Computers In Business I (3 Credit Hours)
    4. SOC 151 Introduction To Sociology (3 Credit Hours)
    5. MAS 151 Business in Ghana (3 Credit Hours)
    6. FC 181 French For Communication I (2 Credit Hours)
  • Year One Semester Two
    1. ENGL 158 Communication Skills II (2 Credit Hours)
    2. ISD 152 Business Statistics (3 Credit Hours)
    3. ISD 154 Computers In Business I (3 Credit Hours)
    4. MAS 152 Business Communication (3 Credit Hours)
    5. PSY 152 Introduction To Psychology (3 Credit Hours)
    6. FC 182 French For Communication (2 Credit Hours)
    7. FB 281 French for Business I (2 Credit Hours)

Year Two

  • Year Two Semester One
  • Year Two Semester Two
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