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Knust clubs and associations



KNUST students are officially represented at each level of association. There is a Students’ Representative Council (SRC) representing the whole student body. Students also belong to college, faculty, or department associations. Graduate students have their representative bodies collectively and individually in programs offered under their respective departments. We exemplify an ideal democratic institution where the voices of its major stakeholders are expressed and considered together to enhance administration in the university.

College, Faculty, and Department


  • Architecture Students’ Association of Ghana
  • Association of Aerospace Engineering Students, Ghana
  • Association of Computer Engineering Students
  • Association of Geomatic Engineering Students
  • Association of Material Engineering Students
  • Association of Mathematical Students
  • Biological Science Students’ Association
  • Building Technology Students’ Association
  • Chemical Engineering Students’ Association
  • Civil Engineering Students’ Association
  • College of Architecture and Planning Students
  • College of Art and Social Sciences Students’ Council
  • Computer Science Society
  • Electrical/Electronic Engineering Students’ Association
  • Faculty of Art Students’ Association
  • French Club
  • Ghana Association of Agricultural Students
  • Ghana Biochemistry Students Association
  • Ghana Engineering Students’ Association
  • Ghana Pharmaceutical Students’ Association
  • Graduate Students Association of Ghana
  • Graphic Arts Students Association
  • International Students Association (ISA)
  • KNUST School of Business Graduate Students’ Assoc
  • Land Management & Development Students’ Association
  • Law Students Union
  • Mechanical Engineering Students’ Association
  • Medical Laboratory Students’ Association
  • Medical Students’ Association
  • Metal Product Design Students
  • Nursing Students’ Association
  • Optometry Students’ Association of Ghana
  • Petroleum Students’ Association of Ghana
  • Physics Students’ Association of Ghana
  • Renewable Natural Resources Students Association
  • Science Students Association
  • Social Science Society
  • Society of Integrated Rural Artists
  • Students Chemical Society
  • Students Representative Council
  • Textile Students Association
  • Tourism Students’ Association


There are numerous clubs and societies on campus, ranging from Old School associations to common interest groups. There are over 100 student groups and organizations on campus, although that number keeps expanding because students are encouraged to start new clubs to fit their interests – and they don’t hesitate to do so! All student groups are governed and managed by students, and there is something for everybody.

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