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Contacts, official phone numbers, and postal addresses are critical in every institution.

One of Ghana’s well-known universities, the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), has its contact information.


Despite the fact that it has many branches nationwide for distance learners, the main campus is located on a sixteen-square-kilometer campus with undulating land and pleasant surroundings, about seven kilometers from Kumasi’s central business district.


The Registrar
Tel:   +233 -3220- 60331
Fax:  +233-3220- 60137
E-Mail: registrar@knust.edu.gh 

Academic Matters including Admissions, Examinations and Student Affairs:

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The Deputy Registrar (Academic & Student Affairs)
Tel:   +233 -3220- 60444
+233-3220- 61831
Fax:  +233 -3220- 60137
E-Mail: admissions@knust.edu.gh 

General Administration and Municipal Services:

The Deputy Registrar (General Administration)
Tel:   +233-3220- 60438
Fax:  +233-3220- 60137

 Human Resource Development
Staff Training/Continuous Professional Development Programmes, Liaison/Industrial Attachments, and Scholarships:

The Deputy Registrar (Human Resource Development)
Tel:   +233 -3220- 60352
Fax:  +233-3220- 60137
E-Mail: hrd@knust.edu.gh

General Personnel and Staff Welfare, including Appointments and Promotions:

The Deputy Registrar (Personnel & Welfare)
Tel:   +233 -3220- 60333
Fax:  +233-3220- 60137

Matters concerning University Properties including Land Lease, etc:

The Estate Officer
Tel:   +233-3220- 60316
Fax:  +233-3220- 60137

Alumni Affairs

The University Alumni Officer, University Alumni Centre
Tel:   +233-3220- 60021
Fax:  +233 -3220- 60137

University Relations including External Linkages and Visits to the University:

The University Relations Officer, University Relations Office
Tel:   +233-3220- 60021
Fax:  +233 -3220- 60137
E-Mail: uro@knust.edu.gh 

All Correspondence to the University must be addressed to:

The Registrar
Kwame Nkrumah University Of Science & Technology
Private Mail Bag
University Post Office
KNUST – Kumasi


The official Website Address of KNUST is – http://www.knust.edu.gh If you need information or inquire about the institution, it’s ideal to visit the official website directly.

If you have any questions, kindly drop a comment below and you will be attended to soon.

Thanks for reading.

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