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KNUST Distance Learning Fees

Concerning the fees paid by students by the Institute of distance learning, the KNUST IDL fees for such students vary depending on the course offered by the candidates or students in the institution, as the institute provides different classes and programs, which cannot all have a fixed price

The following tuition fees are for the 2021/2022 academic year.

Diploma programmes

Programme NameYear 1 (GH₵)Year 2 (GH₵) 
Diploma in Architectural Technology3,300.003,000.00 
Diploma in Business Administration2,500.002,500.00 
Diploma in Computer Network Engineering3,200.002,600.00 
Diploma in Horticultural Management2,500.003,000.00 
Diploma in Information Technology2,500.003,000.00 
Diploma in Mechanical Engineering2,800.003,000.00                                              

Top-up undergraduate programmes

Programme NameYear 1 (GH₵)Year 2 (GH₵)Year 3 (GH₵)Year 4 (GH₵)
BA Social Work 3,500.003,800.003,800.00
BA Sociology 3,500.003,800.003,800.00
BSc Actuarial Science  4,500.004,800.00
BSc Agricultural Engineering    
BSc Business Administration – Accounting  3,500.003,800.00
BSc. Business Administration – Banking and Finance  3,500.003,800.00
BSc. Business Administration – General Management  3,500.003,800.00
BSc Business Administration – Human Resource Management  3,500.003,800.00
BSc. Business Administration – Logistics and Supply Chain Management  3,500.003,800.00
BSc Business Administration – Marketing  3,500.003,800.00
BSc Chemical Engineering (online only) 4,400.006,800.007,200.00
BSc Civil Engineering 3,500.005,500.005,600.00
BSc Computer Engineering 3,500.005,500.005,600.00
BSc Computer Science 5,169.004,800.004,800.00
BSc. Construction Technology & Management  4,800.005,400.00
BSc. Electrical And Electronic Engineering3,500.003,500.005,500.005,600.00
BSc. Geomatic Engineering 3,600.005,500.005,600.00
BSc. Information Technology 4,300.004,500.005,000.00
BSc. Mechanical Engineering 3,500.003,500.005,600.00
BSc. Petroleum Engineering (Online Only) 5,300.007,000.007,200.00
BSc. Physics    
BSC. Quantity Surveying and Construction Economics  4,800.005,400.00
BSc. Statistics  4,500.004,800.00
BSc. Telecommunication Engineering    

Postgraduate programmes

Programme NameYear 1 (GH₵)Year 2 (GH₵)
Commonwealth Executive Master of Business/Public Administration (CEMBA/CEMPA)12,763.004,000.00
Commonwealth Executive Master of Public Administration (CEMPA)12,763.004,000.00
MA. Sociology14,763.00 
Master of Education Degree  
MBA International Business12,763.004,000.00
MPhil Materials Science  
MPhil/MSc Business Consulting and Enterprise Risk Management14,763.005,000.00
MPhil/MSc Educational Innovations and Leadership Science14,763.005,000.00
MPhil/MSc Forensic Science14,763.00 
MPhil/MSc Health Informatics12,763.004,000.00
MPhil/MSc. Industrial Finance and Investment14,763.005,000.00
MPhil/MSc Industrial Mathematics14,763.00 
MPhil/MSc Information Technology12,763.004,000.00
MPhil/MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management14,763.005,000.00
MSc. Actuarial Science14,763.00 
MSc Applied Statistics14,763.00 
MSc. Biotechnology14,763.00 
MSc Cyber Security and Digital Forensics12,763.004,000.00
MSc. Development Finance14,763.00 
MSc. Development Management14,763.00 
MSc Economics14,763.00 
MSc Energy and Sustainable Management14,763.00 
MSc Food Quality Management14,763.00 
MSc Human Nutrition and Dietetics12,763.004,000.00
MSc Insurance and Business Continuity14,763.00 
MSc. Management and Human Resource Strategy14,763.00 
MSc. Marketing14,763.00 
MSc. Mechanical Engineering14,763.00 
MSc Procurement and Supply Chain Management14,763.00 
MSc Project Management19,158.00 
MSc Security and Justice Administration14,763.00 
MSc Strategic Management and Leadership14,763.00 
MSc. Tourism and Hospitality Management14,763.00 

Kindly note the following:

  • Diploma/certificate and top-up undergraduate applicants are to pay a commitment fee of GHC 1,000.00 to secure admission and register.
  • Postgraduate applicants are to pay a commitment fee of GHC 5,000.00 to secure admission and register. The commitment fee is part of the total fees payable.
  • Students are required to pay a minimum of 70% before 1st-semester exams.
  • Please pay your fees into any of the University Fee Collection Accounts in any of the Banks listed below:
  • GCB
  • Ecobank
  • Republic Bank limited
  • GTBank
  • CalBank
  • Absa
  • Standard Chartered
  • CBG
  • Fidelity Bank
  • Stanbic Bank
  • Ghana Post

Also, you can pay your tuition fees through KNUST AIM or the KNUST Student Payment Portal

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