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KNUST is committed to attracting and developing excellent staff and students to contribute towards the achievement of the goals, targets, and directions that the government has set for higher education.

The following cherished values characterize the work and life of the University and are ingrained in all those who pass through the University.

As a graduate, you can still further your education after your first degree. You could be after career prospects or even have the desire to develop a new skill for personal satisfaction.

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) is therefore your topmost option when you find yourself in such a situation. And believe me, that will be the greatest decision you’ve ever made.

Besides offering quality education, the KNUST fees structure is also reasonably priced for both full time and part-time learning.

Below is a List of KNUST postgraduate courses and fees Program

1. Total fees in GHC MSc Creative Art Therapy 9,062.50

2. MSc Transportation Planning 15,257.55

3. Construction Mgt./Procurement Mgt./Project MGT/Project MGT(BT) 19,000.00

4. MSc. Educational Innovations and Leadership Science 9,160.55 Master of Education 9,160.55

KNUST MBA fees for the weekend courses offered include :

  1. Health System Research Mgt. – GHC. 18,107.55 Business – MBA – GHC.9,035.55
    2. Programs in the Department of Planning – GHC. 15,735.55
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