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Do you want to go to university but lack the required average grade? Learn more about how you can still qualify as a mature student!

A “mature student” is someone who has been out of school for several years. In Ghanaian universities, mature students are applicants who are 25 years of age or older on the first day of classes (Please note the admission dates).

Applications from mature students are evaluated differently than applications from students who have just graduated from high school. For mature students, the admission requirements are somewhat relaxed. You don’t have to meet a cut-off point if you meet the minimum requirement. Entrance exams are frequently considered in lieu of other subject-specific requirements.

You have options if you do not have the required aggregate for the program to which you wish to apply.

It is your responsibility to prepare for, sit for, and pass the entrance exam as part of the admissions process. When you apply, you will be given specific instructions and deadlines.

NOTE: Applicants are required to attend preparatory classes and will be tested in English, Mathematics, and General Paper.

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