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KUHIS, St Hubert, Fomena Amass Qualify as Armed Forces, POPGISS, KSTS Miss Out

Kumasi High School, Fomena T. I. Amass and St Hubert Seminary will make their appearance in the 4th edition of the Luv Fm /ARSRC High School Debate after securing qualification from Zone 2.

Kumasi High School qualified by beating Oppon Memorial and Armed Forces SHTS who had to do an emergency preparation for their second motion. The situation of Armed Forces was caused by their lack of awareness of the fact that should they qualify, they will debate the 2nd motion same day. Kumasi High School took the opportunity to secure their qualification regardless. Fomena Amass qualified by beating Christ the King before accounting for Prince of Peace Girls in the closest contests witnessed in this qualifying round. A 0.5 or half point difference separated the two schools. St Hubert had it easy as their opponent Jacobu failed to turn up. They went on to beat New Edubiase SHS to secure qualification.
Last Round of Qualification
Zone 2

  1. KSTS 69 vs Prince of Peace Girls 72
  2. Christ the King 72 vs Fomena, T. I AMASS 80.5
  3. Armed Forces 83 vs Denyaseman 74.5
  4. Oppong Memorial 74.5 vs Kumasi High School 79
  5. New Edubiase 80.5 vs Ridge Schools 77
  6. ST. Hubert *walk over * Jacobu SHTS
    Last Round of Qualification
    Zone 2
  7. Prince of Peace Girls 65 vs Fomena,T. I AMASS 65.5
  8. New Edubiase 77 vs ST. Hubert 81
  9. Armed Forces 63 vs Kumasi High School 81.5
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