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MBA Programmes In UGBS.

MBA Programmes In UGBS.

MBA Programmes In UGBS.

University of Ghana Business School formerly School of Administration is the undergraduate and postgraduate Business School of the University of Ghana in Accra Ghana. 

It is also the premier and the largest Business School in Ghana.

What Is An MBA Programme?

https://www.thecompleteuniversityguide.co.uk defines A Master of Business Administration (MBA) as a postgraduate qualification that teaches you key business practices. 

Accredited MBA courses and business schools prepare you for senior management roles in business by exposing you to all areas of business including accounting, finance, marketing and Human Resources.

The core curriculum consists of courses in accounting, economics, finance, human and organisational performance, marketing, operations, and strategy. 

Outside the core, students can take more electives to dive deep into these areas, or pursue more specialized classes such as negotiation and data analytics.

Duration Of MBA Programmes In UGBS..

A Master of Business Administration is a two year postgraduate programme.

Cost Of MBA Programmes Fees In UGBS.

Postgraduate students pay a flat tuition fee of Gh¢ 8,410.00 for each semester and Gh¢ 16,820.00 per annum.

MBA Programmes In UGBS.

Below are the MBA Programmes available In UGBS.

  • MBA Accounting.
  • MBA Finance.
  • MBA Human Resource Management.
  • MBA Marketing.
  • MBA Management Information Systems.
  • MBA Health Services Management.
  • Master of Public Administration.

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