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Meet Sir Ferdinand; The Drone Inventor of Afua Kobi Girl: The Theory Behind and the 7 Day Invention Journey

Sir Ferdinand of Afua Kobi Ampem Girls SHS has got Ghanaians talking following the demonstration of his 2 Meter Plane or drone to the Honourable Minister of Education. It was exciting moment as Sir Ferdinand and his team constructed and put together the Drone as he supported his team to fly the Drone to the admiration of the Minister.

Who is Sir Ferdinand?

Ferdinand Sam is the name. A young teacher of about 34 yrs of age. He joined the Owoahene fraternity just this academic year from Bolgatanga SHS . A geography teacher who is so interested in technology and praticals. He formed the engineering club about a month ago and has 10 members who are all geography students.

Ferdinand Sam hails from Abakrampa in the Central Region. He studied Geography at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. He taught Geography at Bolgatanga Senior High School between 2012 and 2021. He has a strong passion for Engineering, particularly Aerospace, and created an Engineering Club in the said SHS where students were taken through numerous projects. He moved to Afua Kobi Girls SHS in Traboum, Kumasi, where he handles Geography and serves as the Instructor for our new Engineering Club.

Sharing His Passion and the rationale behind his prototype to Sir Raph, Ferdinand Sam says”

I design and fly airplanes as a hobby, and I work with various institutions in that field. So I put together a proposal to the headmistress for the formation of the club. I have some of the required components for the drone, so it was just a matter of putting a team together and getting to work. During the first two days, I took them through the theory of flight. The subsequent days, we got to work cutting the styrofoam for the airframe. When we finished, we laid out the electronics and checked for proper functioning of all systems. It’s a radio controlled aircraft, so a person launches it by hand and the pilot takes over. It has a frequency radius of 1km and an endurance of one hour. It flies on a 11.1 Volt Lithium Polymer battery. We had three test flights, before a demonstration to the Minister of Education. A team of ten students built it within a 7-day period. We will modify it for better performance.”

His Team of 10 Students who built the drone include ;

Benedicta Oduro Agnes Obeng Jessica Yeboah Gloria Anyeleber Davina Adomah Gyamfi Sarah Tawiah Vanessa Kotuwah Franklina Aning Precious Boaduwah Irene Asamoah Baah

The hope to perfect the invention and widen the flight distance for the drone.

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