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An MPhil is a regular graduate programmes in the universities across the globe. 

Below are the courses and qualifications offered in University of Cape Coast for post graduate students.


Master of Philosophy (MPhil) Programmes Candidates seeking admission to MPhil degree programmes must:

1. Have obtained a good first degree (at least a second class division) in an appropriate field of study from a recognised university/analogous institution.


Non-researched masters degree (e.g M.A/MEd/MSc) with CPA of 2.5 or better.

2. Submit an official transcript of academic record.

3. Submit at least two referee reports, one of whom must be from a former Lecturer.

4. Submit a 2-3 page proposal on intended area of study including references.

5. Pass a selection interview.

6. Satisfy any additional requirements prescribed by the

College/Faculty/School/Department (e.g. selection interview)


MPhil -Two (2) years (24 Months)


  • Department of Ghanaian Languages and Linguistics

1. MPhil (Ghanaian Language) – Akan/Ewe/Ga

Additional Entry Requirements

Prospective applicants should have;

1. Obtained a good First Degree (minimum Second Class Lower) from the University ofCape Coast or any recognised tertiary institution in

1. A Ghanaian Language, or 

2. General Linguistics, with passed courses in the Ghanaian language of interest, or

3. A discipline equivalent to (a) or (b) above.

2. Pass a selection interview.

  • Department of English

1. PhD (English Language)

2. PhD (Literature-in-English)

3. MPhil (English Language)

4. MPhil (Literature-in-English)

  • Department of French

1. PhD (Language and Didactics in French)

2. MPhil (Linguistics and Didactics)

3. MPhil (French Literature and Civilization)

4. MPhil (African Literature and Civilization)


  • Department of Health, Physical Education and Recreation (HPER)

1.Master of Philosophy (MPhil) in Physical Education

2. Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Physical Educatior

  • Department of Vocational and Technical Education (VOTEC)

MPhil (Home Economics) 


1. Clothing and Textiles

2. Foods and Nutrition

3. Family and Consumer Science.

  • Department of Science Education

1. Master of Philosophy in Science Education

2. Doctor of Philosophy in Science Education


  1. Chemistry 
  2. Physics 
  3. Biology 

Additional Entry Requirements

Applicants to the postgraduate programme should either be:

1. Holders of BEd (Science Education) with preferably second class lower division or higher from a recognised University or institution.


2. Holders of BSc (Hons) in a relevant science programme and a Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE).


3. Holders of research-based and non-research-based master’s degrees in Science Education (MEd) from a recognised university.

NOTE:Applicant will also have to pass the selection interview for admission to the programme.

  • Department of Mathematics and ICT Education
  1. PhD (Mathematics Education)

Additional Entry Requirements

a. Applicants to the PhD (Mathematics Education) degree should be holders of a two- year research master’s degree in Mathematics Education from the University of Cape

Coast or an equivalent institution.

b. Applicants will have to pass a selection interview for admission into the programme.

  1. MPhil (Mathematics Education)

Additional Entry Requirements

Applicants to the Master of Philosophy (Mathematics Education) programme should be:

  1. Holders of BEd (Mathematics Education) or B.Ed (Mathematics) or B.Ed (Basic Education) Mathematics Option with second class lower division or better from a recognised university.


  1. Holders of BSc (Hons.) in Mathematics or Mathematics related programme and a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE)/ Postgraduate Diploma in Education(PGDE).
  1. In addition, a minimum of two years’ experience in teaching Mathematics at the Basic School, High School or College of Education level will be required
  1. Applicants will also have to pass a selection interview for admission into the programme.


  • Department of Business and Social Sciences Education (DOBSSE)

1. Doctor of Philosophy (Curriculum and Teaching)

2. Master of Philosophy (Curriculum and Teaching)

  • Department of Arts Education

1. PhD (Arts Education) 


History, English, French, and Ghanaian Lanquages.

Specific Requirement

Master’s degree in Arts Education – MEd or MPhil (Arts) with a major in either English Language and Literature, French Language, Ghanaian Languages, and History.

2. MPhil (Arts Education)


History, English, French, and Ghanaian Languages.

Specific Requirements

1. Bachelor’s degree in Arts – B.A or BEd (Arts) with a major in either English Language and Literature, French Language, Ghanaian Languages, and History with a Diploma / Post-Graduate Certificate in Education/Post-Graduate Diploma in Education.

2. M.Ed (Arts) Degree with a minimum CPA of 2.5


  • Department of Basic Education
  1. MPhil (Basic Education)
  • Department of Education and Psychology

1. PhD (Measurement and Evaluation)

2. PhD (Special Education)

3. PhD (Educational Psychology)

4. MPhil (Measurement and Evaluation)

5. MPhil (Educational Psychology)

6. MPhil (Special Education)

7. MPhil (Sociology in Education)

  • Department of Guidance and Counselling
  1. PhD (Guidance and Counselling)
  1. MPhil (Guidance and Counselling)


  • Institute for Educational Planning and Administration (IEPA)

1. MPhil (Educational Planning)

2. MPhil (Educational Administration)

3. MPhil (Administration in Higher Education)


  • Department of Agricultural Engineering

PhD (Food and Post-Harvest Technology)

1. PhD (Irrigation Technology and Management)

2. MPhil (Food and Post-Harvest Technology)

3. MPhil (Irrigation Technology and Management )

4. MPhil (Agricultural Mechanisation)

  • Department of Animal Science

MPhil/PhD Animal Science with specializations in

1. Animal Breeding and Genetics

2. Animal Nutrition

3. Meat Science and Technology

4. Pasture and Range Management

5. Management of Livestock Enterprises

Admission requirements

A candidate seeking admission to the MPhil programme must have obtained a good first degree (at least a Second Class) in:

1. Agriculture for any of the specializations; or

2. Statistics or Mathematics or Pure Sciences for specialization in Breeding and Genetics; or

3. Management or Business or Natural Resources or Biological Science for specialization in Management of Livestock Enterprises; or

4. Food Science, Biochemistry, Home Economics, Biological Science for specialization in Meat Science and Technology or Animal Nutrition.

A candidate seeking admission into the PhD programme must:

  1. Have an MPhil or 2-year MSc degree in Animal Science or Agricultural/Biological Sciences or Mathematics or Statistics or Food Science or Home Economics or related field from a recognised University.
  • Department of Crop Science

1. PhD (Crop Science)

2. MPhil (Crop Science)


PhD/MPhil (Crop Science)

1. Agronomy

2. Genetics and Plant Breeding

3. Crop Physiology

4. Plant Protection

  • Department of Soil Science

1. PhD (Soil Science)

2 MPhil (Soil Science)

  • Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension

PhD (Agricultural Extension)

1. PhD (Agricultural Economics)

A research Master’s Degree in Agriculture and related courses from the University of Cape Coast or a reputed university.

2. MPhil (Agricultural Extension)

A research Master’s Degree in Agricultural Economics or a related field from the University of Cape Coast or a reputed university.

3. MPhil (Agricultural Economics)

A good first degree in Agriculture with a significant amount of economics or with a specialization in Agricultural Economics from the University of Cape Coast or a reputed university.


  • Department of Conservation Biology and Entomology

1. MPhil (Entomology)

2. MPhil (Wildlife Management)

  • Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences
  1. MPhil (Aquaculture)
  1. MPhil (Fisheries Science)

 3. MPhil (Oceanography and Limnology)

4. MPhil (Integrated Coastal Zone Management)

  • Department of Environmental Science

MPhil (Environmental Science)


  • Department of Physics

MPhil (Physics) with options in:

1.Theoretical Physics

2. Environment Physics

3. Applied Fibres Optics and Communication

4. Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics

5. Radiation and Health Physics

6. Soil Physics

7. Photonics, Optoelectronics, Optical and Laser Application

8. Energy Physics

9. Electronics

10. Biomedical Optics

11. Material Science

  • Department of Chemistry
  1. MPhil (Chemistry) with options in:

a. Analytical Chemistry

b. Organic Chemistry

c. Inorganic Chemistry

d. Physical Chemistry

3. Department of Mathematics

  1. MPhil (Mathematics)

Entry Requirements for M.Phil Mathematics

Candidates with a good first degree preferably first or second class degree holder from the University of Cape Coast or a recognised institution of higher learning may be considered for the programme in any of the following:


1. B.Sc Mathematics

2. B.Sc Mathematics with Economics

3. B.Sc Mathematics with Business

4. B.Sc Mathematics and Statistics

5. B.Sc Mathematics and Computer Science


Other mathematics related programme with a good mix of analysis courses.

You can contact the University Of Cape Coast official website (https://www.ucc.edu.gh) for further details and clarification.

If you have any questions, kindly drop a comment below and you will be attended to as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading.

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