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Do you find yourself in or around KNUST? Are you looking to chill out and enjoy? Look no further than PIZZAMAN – KNUST.

This pizzeria is the hangout for university students, civil servants, and the general public.

Pizzaman is a Ghanaian-owned restaurant that specializes in making delicious mouthwatering pizzas and others that are pocket friendly. So, no matter your budget Pizzaman’s got you.

Their dine-in place provides a clean, serene environment that always passes the vibe check.

Don’t feel like going out to eat? Don’t worry, Pizzaman’s got you covered. With their excellent delivery services, be rest assured that your food will get to you in the fastest possible time.

Pizzaman pizzas come in different sizes with a variety of toppings that will suit your taste and cater to all your cravings.



Comes with either Tossed Chicken Fillet (Breast) or Chicken Wings and Coleslaw

Oyster fried rice with chicken breastRegular pack (GHS 30)Double pack (GHS 50) 
Oyster fried rice with chicken wingsRegular pack (GHs 30)Double pack (GHs 50) 
Jollof rice with chicken breast             Regular pack (GHs 30)Double pack (GHs 50) 
Jollof rice with chicken wingsRegular pack (GHs 30)Double pack (GHs 50) 

Pizza Meals

Obiridan (Beef, Chicken, Tuna, Barbecue sauce.)  50 70 80
Dukeman (Beef, Chicken, pepperoni
mushroom, Tuna, Barbecue
sauce, Cheddar cheese.) 
  60  80  100
Margherita (Tomatoes sauce and Cheese)  35 40 50
Tuna Pizza, Tuna 354555
Crisibreezi (Chicken pepperoni mushroom, Veges (Optional)  45 55 65
Panchito (Chicken, Pepperoni Beef, Sizes, and Prices Chicken)  40 52 62
Kersamne 424855
Gretaben (Beef, Chicken, Pepperoni)  42 52 60
 Pepa Babbe (Beef, Pepperoni)  40 47 56
Hawaiian 405060
Klerabella (Beef Pizza): Beef, Onion, and Sweet Corn  35 42 50
Daisy Lawre (Chicken pizza): Chicken fillet, Onion, Green pepper  37 42 50

Quick Bites

 Beef Calzone  GH¢30.00
 Chicken Calzone   GH¢30.00
 Beef &Chicken  GH¢40.00 


Pizzaman – KNUST is located opposite the KNUST Animal Science Dept., Mango Road, Kumasi.

For delivery and drive-through services contact; 0554812748/ 0559495167


There are basically 3 ways of ordering from Pizzaman-KNUST. These are;

  1. 1. Using the glovo app
  2. Ordering from pizzaman-KNUST’s official websites
  3. Using pizzaman-KNUST’s contact details

Using the glovo app

Glovo is the food delivery site that will get you anything you want to your doorstep. If you order online, you’ll have it!

  1. Download the Glovo app from the play store using the link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.glovo&hl=en&gl=US or from the apps store using the link https://apps.apple.com/us/app/glovo-more-than-food 
  2. Open the application and enter your location.
  3. After that, sign up to glovo
  4. Select Pizzaman from the list of restaurants on the app
  5. Choose the food you would like to order.

Ordering from pizzaman-KNUST’s official website.

  1. Go to the official site of pizzaman using the link https://website-370550294277699512260-pizzarestaurant.business.site/ 
  2. Select the place order button.
  3. You will be redirected to a page. on that page, fill out an online food order form provide delivery or pick-up details (Full name, address and hostel number, phone number)
  4. Then fill out your payment details (either you pay via mobile money or you pay on delivery)

Note: For mobile money users, the mtn mobile money number is 05991484133 and the name is CEQA FOOD & BEVERAGES LIMITED

  • Click on the next button to select from their variety of foods.
  • Select submit to send in your chosen food

Using pizzaman-KNUST’s contact details

Below are the contact of pizzaman-KNUST



Just pick up your phone and dial the numbers above to place an order.

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