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Review Your Code of Conduct, You are now a Tertiary Institution; Expert Criticizes Colleges of Education on Old Training Methods

The Executive Director of IFEST, Peter Partey Anti has criticized the continual usage of the old code of Conduct for Trainee Teachers at the Colleges of Education after its conversion as Tertiary Institutions. The IFEST Director believes the low self esteem, low confidence among other many Negetive traits of Teachers are as a result of the outmoded training regime Trainee teachers go through in the Colleges of Education. He believes the wearing of school uniforms, prescribed hair styles, dormitory accommodation systems, dining system, entertainment, grounds work for trainees among others which are uncharacteristic of other tertiary institutions all gel together to produce Teachers who are different from graduates of other Tertiary Institutions who are treated differently from the Colleges of Education.

Training Colleges are now degree awarding institutions but they still embrace the practices of senior high schools like attending dining, services, wearing uniforms, church attires, doing grounds work among other things associated with secondary education.


He believes the Code of Conduct of the Colleges of Education should be reviewed immediately to give students their freedom like other tertiary institutions.

The Executive Director was speaking on TV3s Midday Live News Program.


He stated that other tertiary institutions like University of Cape Coast and University of Education Winneba all train Teachers without making them go through this old fashioned style of training which affect the behavior and lifestyles of Teachers or products of Colleges of Education.

Perhaps, it is time to phase out the old fashioned training modus of Colleges of Education and transform them into proper tertiary institutions like their colleagues in other universities.


What’s your take on this?



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