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Salaries Validation for May is Opened; Validators Expected to Work to Validate Workers


Validation for salaries of workers for the current month is in. Validators are expected to validate their colleagues or employees before the system closes.

The validation of salaries by Heads of Management Units is a requirement for payment of salaries under Regulation 304 of the Financial Administration Regulation, 2004 (LI 1803).

Government Employees would now be paid by the CAGD only after both Heads of Management Units and Human Resource (HR) officers defined on the E-SPV system validate the salaries of employees for the month. If Heads of Management Units and HR officers do not validate the salaries of employees working under those Management Units the employees would not be paid by the system.

The Accountant General’s Department (CAGD) introduced the Government of Ghana Electronic Salary Payment Voucher (E-SPV) a couple of years ago. The aim of the E-SPV was to improve service delivery on the payroll and complement the GoGPayslip for public workers.Salaries are computed by the Controller and Accountant General, who receives this data from his or her juniors, however, the salary validation process is not an easy thing and requires accuracy and being keen on details lest a lot of money may be lost in the process or mishandled. For this reason, the government introduced the E-SPV salary validation system to replace the manual and old system used to manage, certify and approve government of Ghana salary payment vouchers, which was challenging and time-consuming.

Heads of Departments and employees are encouraged to visit the CAGD website in case they have issues with non-validation of their salaries for more details.


An earlier published schedule of payment has not been religiously followed over the past months.





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