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Soccer Finals Update: Asanteman SHS Withdraws Court Injunction & Loses Appeal to Make Way for Finals

Asanteman SHS has lost its appeal against Obuasi SHTS to pave way for the finals of the Inter school soccer competition between T. I. Amass, Kumasi and Opoku Ware School.

Past Students Association of Asanteman earlier placed a court injunction on the final game pending a hearing of its appeal case against an earlier decision by the Disciplinary Committee which awarded three points to Obuasi SHTS after they fielded a player by name Evans Osei who was declared unqualified. The decision meant that Obuasi got the opportunity to play T. I. Amass, Ksi in the semi finals even though the lost their quarter final game against Asanteman SHS.

The Past Students of Asanteman had to withdraw their injunction after education authorities promised them a fair hearing of their appeal case. Subsequently, the Appeals Committee led by the Headmaster of Konongo Odumasi SHS sat on the case and still found no merit in the appeal case of the past students of Asanteman SHS.

The Details

The appeal case of of Asanteman has been dismissed on the grounds that player Evans Osei has within a period of seven (7) years attended two(2) Junior high schools instead of two(2) years, which was against the rules of the Federation.
According to the rules of the Federation a student has a maximum of two years as waiting time before attending Senior High, meaning Osei Evans after completing in 2015 should have proceeded to another Junior high school in 2015 so he can complete in 2018 but in his case he completed his second Junior high school in 2020.
So based on this clause in the federation’s rules the player was not eligible to play.

Secondly on the issue of him having attended two SHS, it was established to be false and that the student had not attended any other SHS apart from Asanteman SHS.


  1. That the by-laws used in organizing soccer competitions in the Ashanti Region be amended immediately to avert situations like ours and suit the current SHS system.
  2. Obuasi Sec. Tech. was fined One Thousand Ghana cedis (GHC 1,000.00) for presenting false information.

In spite of not winning the appeal, Asanteman has brought to fore the need to take a second look at federation rules governingAshanti Regional Soccer and other competitions.

It is likely that the finals and 3rd place games will be played somewhere next week at the earlier selected Okesse Park at Ejisu. This will be confirmed by close of today by the federation.

We really appreciate all Nananom that funded the injunction both in cash and in kind. God really bless you and Asanteman really appreciate the faith you have in her. And a special appreciation goes to lawyer George Owusu Ansah of 2003 year group who provided us with legal advice anytime we call upon him.
Again we thank all the nananom for show of love, support and concern towards the whole issue .
We appreciate you all

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