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The President of Up and Shine Foundation on children with Disability’s Education Awareness

Prioritize children with Disability’s education

Prioritize children with Disabilitys education

The President of Up and Shine Foundation, Rev. Richard Nii Amartey Adesah, has called on Ghanaians to prioritize the education of the Child with Disability in order to change the narrative about disability.

Rev. Adesah, who was speaking at the launch of a riding tour, “Riding the Passion Tour” to promote the education of the Child with Disability said, “disability is a serious business that must occupy our attention as a nation and individuals. If an estimated twenty percent (20%) of our population are Persons with Disability (PWDs) then it is expedient to us all to put disability issues on the front burner.”

He noted that “the education of Children with Disability has been neglected by many parents and society in general because of its exigencies. Our schools and educational institutions are not well structured to accommodate some of them, thus the tendency to either reject or neglect them.”

He observed that the neglect of PWDs at their earlier stages of life and disability, leads to the formation of a beggarly character and in some instances, a resistance to society in general. “Due to this neglect, some PWDs always suspect helpers as exploiters.”

Rev Adesah, who is the Immediate past President of the Federation of Africa Amputee Football (FAAF), disclosed that, Up and Shine Academy, the educational unit of the foundation with some 120 children with disability across the country, was on a course to change some of these attitudes and “we need the support of all and sundry to make it a reality.”


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