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The College of Humanities and Legal Studies, is a three-tier College comprising three (3) Faculties, three (3) Schools and two Centres. These are: Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Arts, School of Business, School for Development Studies, School of Economics and the Centre for African and International Studies (CAIS) and Centre for Gender Research, Advocacy and Documentation (CEGRAD).

The College offers inter-disciplinary programs equipping its products with creative abilities for the job market and critical thinking to make the graduate of the College fully suited to adapt into any modern social environment they may find themselves. Thus, the College, instituted on 1 st August, 2014, can boast of numerous graduates, both undergraduate and post-graduate, who have attained success in business, industry and the public sector in Ghana and abroad.

College of Humanities and Legal Studies

B.A Anthropology ( Regular)

B.A Classics and Philosophy ( Regular)

B.A Communication Studies ( Regular)

B.A Dance ( Regular)

B.A Economics ( Regular)

B.A English ( Regular)

B.A Film Studies ( Regular)

B.A French ( Regular)

B.A History ( Regular)

B.A Population and Health ( Regular)

B.A Social Behaviour and Conflict Management ( Sandwich)

B.A Social Sciences (Geography) ( Regular)

B.A Sociology ( Regular)

B.A Theatre Studies ( Regular)

B.Com Accounting ( Regular)

B.Com Finance ( Regular)

B.Com Human Resource Management ( Regular)

B.Com Management ( Regular)

B.Com Management ( Sandwich)

B.Ed Accounting ( Regular)

B.Ed Management ( Regular)

B.Mus Music ( Regular)

B.Mus Religion and Human Values ( Regular)

B.Sc Geography And Regional Planing ( Regular)

B.Sc Hospitality Management ( Regular)

B.Sc Tourism Management ( Regular)

College of Education Studies

B.Ed Health, Physical Education and Recreation ( Regular)

B.Ed Arts ( Regular)

B.Ed Basic Education ( Regular)

B.Ed Computer Science ( Regular)

B.Ed Early Childhood Education ( Regular)

B.Ed Early Childhood Education ( Sandwich)

B.Ed Guidance and Counselling ( Regular)

B.Ed Home Economics ( Regular)

B.Ed Mathematics ( Regular)

B.Ed Science ( Regular)

B.Ed Social Science ( Regular)

B.Ed Social Studies ( Regular)

B.Sc Psychology ( Regular)

B.Sc Bachelor of Education ( Regular)

College of Agriculture and Natural Sciences

B.Sc Entomology and Wildlife ( Regular)

B.Sc Agribusiness ( Regular)

B.Sc Actuarial Science ( Regular)

B.Sc Agricultural Extension ( Regular)

B.Sc Agricultural Extension And Community Development ( Regular)

B.Sc Agriculture ( Regular)

B.Sc Agriculture ( Regular)

B.Sc Agriculture ( Regular)

B.Sc Agriculture ( Regular)

B.Sc Agriculture ( Regular)

B.Sc Agro-Processing ( Regular)

B.Sc Aquaculture ( Regular)

B.Sc Biochemistry ( Regular)

B.Sc Chemistry ( Regular)

B.Sc Computer Science ( Regular)

B.Sc Engineering Physics ( Regular)

B.Sc Engineering Physics – Sandwich ( Sandwich)

B.Sc Environmental Science ( Regular)

B.Sc Fisheries and Aquatic Science ( Regular)

B.Sc Industrial Chemistry ( Regular)

B.Sc Information Technology ( Regular)

B.Sc Laboratory Technology ( Regular)

B.Sc Laboratory Technology ( Sandwich)

B.Sc Mathematics ( Regular)

B.Sc Mathematics and Statistics ( Regular)

B.Sc Mathematics-with-Business ( Regular)

B.Sc Mathematics-with-Economics ( Regular)

B.Sc Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics ( Regular)

B.Sc Physics ( Regular)

B.Sc Post – Harvest Technology ( Regular)

B.Sc Statistics ( Regular)

College of Health and Allied Sciences

B.Sc Community Mental Health Nursing ( Regular)

B.Sc Mental Health Nursing ( Regular)

B.Sc Nursing ( Regular)

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