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A Hall of residence refers to a place where a university accommodates its students usually at a subsidized fee by the University. But most often, the traditional halls of the university wouldn’t be able to accommodate all the students due to their large number. Therefore establishing a number of Hostels around the University then becomes an option .

There are six Halls of Residence established by the University of Cape Coast campus. Every student is affiliated to one of these halls on admission .

According to the University’s accommodation policy, first-year students are guaranteed places in the Halls of Residence. Hostels are also available but are mostly occupied by continuing students who are not resident in the halls. A lot of these hostels are located within the campus and are generally well integrated within the university community. Some of these hostels are privately owned while others are run by the university. They come in quadruple, triple, double and single occupancies depending on one’s budget. There are self-contained rooms as well as rooms using shared facilities.

There are seven residence halls and several hosts which are listed below.

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Residence Halls

  • Kwame Nkrumah Hall (male only)
  • Oguaa Hall
  • Adehye Hall (females only)
  • Atlantic Hall
  • Casley Hayford Hall (male only)
  • Valco Hall
  • SRC Hall




In case you missed a traditional hall accommodation or prefer a private accommodation, here are a few hostel accommodations available.

  • Baduwa Hostel
  • Eddy B Hostel
  • Ayensu Plaza
  • Oye Inn
  • Adoration Home
  • Sammy O
Alumni HostelCape Coast 
UCC Superannuation HostelCape Coast
SSNIT HostelCape Coast
SRC HallCape Coast
NEST HostelCape Coast
Success CityCape Coast
Sterna HostelCape Coast
JODOK HostelCa
Adoration HomeCape Coast near Ayensu Road
Ayensu PlazaCape Coast near Ayensu Road
Edi-Bee. HostelCape Coast near Valco Hall
Baduwa HostelCape Coast
Oye InnCape Coast
Adehye Hall,+233 [03321] 37748/32480-83
Atlantic Hall,+233 [03321] 32480-83/35113
Oguaa Hall,+233 [03321] 30797
Casely-Hayford Hall,+233 [03321] 3139/313992
Kwame Nkrumah Hall,+233 [03321] 35321- 4
Valco Hall,+233 [03321] 30260
Valco Trust Graduate Hostel,
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