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University Of Education Winneba (UEW).

University Of Education Winneba (UEW).

The University of Education Winneba(UEW) was established in September, 1992 as a University College under PNDC Law 322. 

On 14th May, 2004,  the University of Education Act. Act 672 was legislated to upgrade the status of the University College of Education of Winneba to the status of a full University.

The University College of Education of Winneba brought together seven diploma awarding colleges located in different towns under one umbrella institution. 

These Colleges were:


  • The Advanced Teacher Training College.
  • The Specialist Training College.
  •  The National Academy of Music.
  • The School of Ghana Languages, Ajumako.
  •  The College of Special Education, Akwapim-Mampong.
  • The Advanced Technical Training College, Kumasi.
  • And the St. Andrews Agricultural Training College, Mampong-Ashanti.

The three sites in Winneba now referred to as the Winneba campus is the seat of the Vice-Chancellor with a satellite campus at Ajumako.

Aims Of University Of Education Winneba(UEW).

  1. To provide higher education and foster a systematic advancement of the science and the art of teacher education.
  1. To train tutors for the colleges of education and other tertiary institutions.
  1. To provide teachers with professional competence for teaching in pre-tertiary institutions such as preschool, basic, senior secondary school and non-formal education institutions.
  1. To foster links between the schools and the community in order to ensure the holistic training of teachers.

University Of Education Winneba(UEW) Campuses.

The University of Education, Winneba operates from two (2) campuses:- 

  1. The College of Languages Education, Located at Ajumako.

The Ajumako Campus currently hosts the students of the Department of Akan-Nzema

Education, Ewe Education, Ga-Dangme Education of The Faculty of Languages Education.

The Faculty of Languages Education will move from the Winneba Campus to the Ajumako Campus and will eventually become the College of Languages Education.

Faculty of Languages Education.

  • Department of Akan-Nzema Education.
  • Department of Applied Linguistics.
  • Department of English Education.
  • Department of French Education.
  • Department of Gur – Gonja Education.
  • Department of Ewe Education
  1. And the Winneba Campus where the main administration is also located.

The Winneba Campus is the main campus of the university and is spread over three sites (North, Central and South) within the Effutu Municipality. 

The central administration of the university is located at the South Campus. The Winneba Campus hosts the following faculties, schools, institutes, centers and offices:

University Of Education Winneba(UEW).
University Of Education (UEW) Winneba Campus.

Faculty of Social Sciences Education.

  • Department of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Sports Education.
  • Department of Home Economics.
  • Departments of Mathematics Education.
  • Department of Biology Education.
  • Department of Social Science Education.
  • Department of Social Studies Education.
  • Department of Business Administration.
  • Department of Health Administration and Education.

School of Creative Arts.

  • Department of Art Education.
  • Department of Graphic Design.
  • Department of Music School.
  • Department of Theatre Arts.

Institute for Educational Development and Extension.

  • Center for Continuing Education.
  • Center for Distance Education.
  • Center for Teacher Development and Action Research.

Institutes for Educational Research and Innovation Studies (IERIS).

  • National Center for Research into Basic Education (NCRIBE).
  • Center for Educational Policy Studies (CEPS).
  • Center for School and Community Science and Technology Studies (SACOST).


The University of Education, Winneba Libraries include Osagyefo Library (the main campus library), College of Languages Education Library – Ajumako Campus (stocks materials on language education), and five (5) specialized branch and department libraries. 


The University of Education, Winneba has ten faculties and they are;

  • Educational Studies.
  • Foreign Languages Education.
  • Home Economics Education.
  • School of Business.
  • School of Communication And Media Studies.
  • School of Creative Arts.
  • School of Graduate Studies.
  • Science Education.
  • Social Science Education.
  • Ghanaian Languages Education (Ajumako Campus).

University Of Education Winneba(UEW) Contact Details.

(Winneba Campus)

Postal Address:

P. O. Box 25, 

Winneba, Ghana.

Telephone Numbers:

Vice-Chancellor (+233 3323).


3323) 22137.

Registrar (+233 3323) XXXXX.

Reception (+233 3323) 22139/

(+233 3323) 22140.





Fax (+233 3323) 20954

(Ajumako Campus.)

Postal Address:

P. O. Box 72,

Ajumako, Ghana.

Telephone Numbers:

(+233 3320) 96438



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