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Graduate education encompasses research, study and teaching beyond the bachelor’s degree. While undergraduate education leads to a bachelor’s degree, graduate education leads to master’s degree and doctorate, also called a doctoral degree.

Often, graduate degrees help people advance further in their careers and earn more over a lifetime. Some fields — such as physical therapy — require graduate degrees. Others, such as engineering, encourage them. Students may pursue a graduate degree immediately upon completing a bachelor’s, or they may return to graduate school later.

To pursue an academic career — teaching and conducting research at the university level — a doctorate is essential in nearly all fields of study. Teaching at a community college may require a master’s degree and professional work experience

Nearly all researchers, whether they work in higher education, government or private industry, earn their doctorates, the most common of which is a doctor of philosophy degree, or Ph.D. Upon completing a doctorate, researchers, particularly in the sciences, may pursue a postdoctoral fellowship in which they continue study and research before getting a job as a professor.

As part of the University of Ghana Graduate school coordinating role, the School’s mandate includes: Promoting the development, diversification, and effective delivery of post-graduate programs to address emerging national issues; and Accreditation of all faculty teaching and supervising graduate programs to maintain high standards and ensure high-quality graduate program output.

  Additionally, the School deals with all matters which have to do with admission, registration and records, examination of theses and dissertations, official correspondence and welfare of graduate students. It also regulates and offers advice on graduate programs being offered in the University’s affiliate institutions.

Schedule of University of Ghana Graduate school Fees


  1. College of Education
  2. College of Basic and Applied Sciences
  3. College Of Health Sciences
  4. College of Humanities
  5. Residential Fees
  6. University of Ghana Business School Special Programmes
  7. Fees for Sandwich Programmes

View the bank details for the payment of fees

Notice: The minimum amount to be paid in percentage terms before a student can have access to register for the 2021-2022 academic year is as follows:

Academic Registration

  • At least 50% before registration for the First Semester
  • 100% before registration for the Second Semester

Residential Registration

  • 100% before registration for the Semester

(view the bank details for student fee payments)

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