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The Department of Political Science is one of the oldest departments in the School of Social Sciences. Established in 1962, the department has emerged as a center of instruction for undergraduate and graduate students in Public Administration and Policy, International Relations and Comparative Politics.

Political science is a social science which deals with systems of governance, and the analysis of political activities, political thoughts, associated constitutions and political behavior.

The department seeks to achieve excellence levels of distinction in teaching and research by transmitting knowledge and understanding that are needed to transform the Ghanaian society and in the service of the world.

Indeed, the department is distinctive among the others in its commitment to undergraduate and graduate training. Hence, it is the largest in the College of Humanities. It has one of the efficient administrative setups to meet student’s needs. Its academic staff is motivated to deliver quality teaching and carry out research in several areas of national importance including elections, local government administration, foreign policy, public policy design, implementation and evaluation, democratization, civil-military relations and the public bureaucracy, among others.

The students are encouraged to have a voice in departmental decision-making through the Political Science Students’ Association (POSSA) – the most vibrant students’ association on campus – a body that fills every public lecture the University has organized including the School of Social Science Colloquia, Aggrey Frazer Guggisberg Memorial and Professorial Inaugural Lectures.

The Department of Political Science is a leader in research and teaching on Political Science, emerging as the premier center in contemporary studies of Political Science in Ghana and Africa.

This achievement is embodied in its objective/mission to achieve excellent levels of distinction in teaching and research by transmitting knowledge and understanding that are needed to transform the Ghanaian society and the world.

Students of the Department graduate into leadership positions in international and national private and public sector organizations, and in government, among others.

To go beyond its reputation as the leader in contemporary studies of Political Science in Ghana to a regionally and globally recognized Political Science Department.

It is a Department that produces excellence in research, teaching, and training of political minds that are impactful in Ghana, Africa and the world as a whole.

To remain a Department that enhances strong faculty dedication to teaching and research excellence, that makes relevant and important contributions to political debate and development in the nation through cutting-edge research and political analysis, maintains an efficient and dedicated staff, and produces a student body that is highly trained and mentored for successful impact in the challenging world outside.


General Entry Requirements for Political Science

An applicant for admission to a degree program at the University of Ghana must have at least credits (A1 – C6 in WASSCE and A – D in SSSCE) in English, Core Mathematics, and Integrated Science (for Science related programs) or Social Studies (for non-Science related programs) and three elective subjects in Science for applicants applying to Science or Agriculture related disciplines or three elective subjects in General Arts/Business for applicants applying to non-Science related disciplines, with the total aggregate not exceeding 24.

In addition, Science applicants should have at least a grade C6 in WASSCE/D in SSSCE in Social Studies/Life Skills and non-Science applicants should also have at least a grade C6 in WASSCE/D IN SSSCE in Integrated Science/Core Science.

Entry requirements for Political Science

Core: Credit passes in English, Core Mathematics, Integrated Science & Social Studies

Electives: Credit passes in any three elective subjects

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