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What Next After GES Promotion Results; What Every Teacher Must Know- 2022

Every year, the Ghana Education Service conducts promotion for staff who are due to move up in rank. The promotions are done to prepare personnel for higher positions. Promotions are also meant to reinforce or motivate staff to give off their best in the discharge of their duties. Promotions also lead to the enhancement of the salary of staff of the service. Staff of the Service look up to promotions every year and prepare to take advantage of the opportunity to move up in rank. Both Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff Promotions are under the ambit of the GES. Various means of assessment for promotions are used to determine which personnel should be promoted.

The Ghana Education Service has officially announced the release of Promotion exam results written last December 2021 by personnel of the Ghana Education Service. Out of 39,918 candidates who were shortlisted for the test, 26,954 candidates representing 67.5% were successful in the Exams. For the Deputy Director grade 3,538 candidates took part with 2,330 representing 65.8% being successful. Additionally, 10,950 personnel took part in the exams for Assistant Director I with 7,785 being successful in the exams representing 71%. Candidates who sat for the Rank of Assistant Director II were 22,101 out of which 14,541 candidates representing 65.8% were successful. For the rank of Principal Superintendent,a total of 3,329 candidates were successful out of which 69% representing 2,298 managed to pass. Results of the promotion exams have been uploaded on to the www.gespromotions.gov.gh with candidates expected to access the system through a subscription of GH10.00

What Next after the release of Promotion Results

Firstly candidates must access their results from the www.gespromotions.gov.gh portal to know their status

Those who are unsuccessful must plan and strategize to write again next in this year’s examinations.

Those who are successful must print their congratulatory or success notice out for reference. This is because should there be any errors on their promotions letters, the online form you completed when filling the form and the outcome notice you printed will all be important to identify where the error is coming from.

Per recent developments or trend, all those who were successful are expected to be migrated unto their new rank on the pay structure to reflect their promotion status. If recent trends is anything to go by, then the migration process doesn’t take so long to occur. Hopefully, the same will happen this year through the resourcefulness of the Ghana Education Service with necessary financial clearance from the finance ministry.

After the migration, Promotion Letters will the follow to the Regional Directorates. Normally due to large numbers this may occur in batches or ranks and so candidates should be patient until they receive theirs. The Regional Directorates will sort them out into the various districts and hand them over to the Districts for dispatch to successful candidates.

There are situations where based on the errors committed by Personnel during the filling of the forms, their Promotion Letters could delay or identification becomes almost impossible. Some of the errors may include wrong address or school, wrong district, wrong names, wrong staff IDs, similar names or identities, etc.

Upon the receipt of the Promotion letters, one is able to identify Effective and Notional Dates which in recent times have varied. The Effective Date shows when payment will reflect or correspond to in terms of the new rank. The Notional Date is promotion related and the next promotion date or year is counted from the Notional Date.

Candidates who were unsuccessful will have another opportunity to make amends this year while candidates who were successful will have to wait for four years from the Notional Year (which reduces the years) for their next opportunity.

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