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Why Primary and KG Teachers Are Unable to Access Their TM1 Laptops Collection Codes

Teachers at the KG and Primary School in various schools have been unable to generate their Collection Code for TM1 Laptops with many getting worried about their inability to access it.

This write-up is meant to explain the rationale behind the inability of Primary School and KG Teachers to access the Collection Code which will be used to take delivery the Laptops.
The Teachers at KG and Primary Schools are next in line for the collection of the laptops. Their names have not been validated and uploaded on to the system yet hence their inability to access the code.
However JHS Teachers can now access their Collection Code and proceed to collect their TM1 Laptops because their Data have been uploaded and validated making it possible for them to access the Code through the code *790*555#.
The Code is unique to each teacher hence, teachers are to ensure that it is kept safely to avoid any inconvenience.
Primary and KG Teachers are to exercise patience until their Data is uploaded for them to access their Data.
Teachers must add their National ID in addition to the Collection Code to access it.

TM1 Laptops for Junior High School Teachers across the country have arrived for distribution with Teachers expected to take delivery at various Districts.

Teachers are expected to generate unique collection code which will identify each teacher.

The simple dialing of a short code and following the prompt will ensure that each teacher receives the unique code for collection.

Collection Code must be generated by Teachers to be able to take their Laptop.

Each Teacher must generate a Unique Code by dialing the short code

*790*555# for their collection code.

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