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43 Districts in Ashanti Region Holds Successful SMC Elections

Training for elected SMC Executives and HeadTeachers has commenced across the Ashanti Region with all forty three districts taking part.

The School Management Committee (SMC) has been formed in all GALOP schools in the Region. The democratically elected SMC Executives are undergoing a two day training to equip them to deliver on their mandate for the next three years.

The SMC concept seeks to improve community participation in school management. The concept seeks to encourage indigeons of local communities to take greater interest in the affairs of the schools within their catchment area.

Accross the Ashanti Region, many schools have undergone democratic elections to elect the Chairman, Vice, Financial Secretary, Auditor (Monitoring and Evaluation) with the HeadTeacher of the school serving as the Secretary to the SMC.

The SMC will include representatives of Teachers, Assembly, Education Directorate, Past or Old Students, the Traditional Council, the Assembly man/woman, the Mission Rep among others.

Below are some sights and scenes from the elections Accross the Ashanti Region.

Suame SMC Elections
Suame SMC Elections


Suame Municipal

Afigya Kwabre North SMC Elections


Bosome Freho SMC Elections


Juaben SMC Elections
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