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Culture of impurity is a State of being impure to vices in human character. It indulgement signs that an individual is impure when it comes down to pre-marital sex, teen pregnancy, smoking, alcoholism, acts of recalcitrantetc. These acts of impurity corrupts morals according to norms and customs of the society. These acts are classified as malid in senior high Schools. The grass root of this culture of impurityare (causes)


  • Wrong choice of friends to affiliate with.

Wrong choice of friends in school or along the lines of educational studies determines our altitude and longitude in life on campus. Affiliating one self with recalcitrant friends would surely influence one’s life style and character.

  • Acquisition of trending materials

Through the eagerness of students having the desire to acquire trendy materials like fashion (clothing), current mobile phone and accessories etc. lure students to indulge in either sex for money or stealing for money to be able to attain these materials.

  • Influence of social media

Even though social media has it positives it also has negative effect , which is exposing the youth or students to so many negative views which was scarceback in the days.off late sexual related activities like nudity , pornographic materials are found ease on these social media platforms which stain our morals as students.

  • Fear of failure

The inability of students to prepare adequately for their exams causes them to go against the do’s and don’t of examination , compelling students to find ways and means to pass the exams ,even if it is to sacrifice her self (sexual).


  • May lead to the indulgement of smoking, alcoholism, premarital sex etc. which results in health issues ( HIV /ADIS, gonorrhea, syphilis etc.) or loss of life.
  • Acquisition of trendy materials

Through eagerness students who indulge in activities such as sex for money may result in teenage pregnancy affecting the education of the victim

  • Influence of social media

The influence of social media can arouse one sexual feelings causing one to masturbateor engage in  premarital sex which also can result in getting sexual transmitted diseases like gonorrhea, syphilis, HIV/ADIS etc.

  • Fear of failure

Students of these acts are unable to apply what have been thought practically in class or in life


  • Consistent counseling and guidance needs to be given to students on how to make friends
  • Needs of students should be met by parents to decline such acts
  • Restrictions and ban needs to be placed on unhealthy sites or social media pages
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