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High school help teach student to research, listen and collaborate, lead to be creative and innovative and put forth consistent and prolong time ,effort and hard work to activities classes and subjects that matter.
It is after high school that I Belinda Boadu have realised this huge and great impact this school has made in my life
There are few reasons which come together to make high school different one; usually because it is way competitive within the students body. It is something far from comfort. Being in the first year, duties always got me busy. From sweeping to removing almost impossible to remove stains. All these were late at night and early in the morning. During classes hours I had to battle exhaustion and sleepiness to catch up with the tutors.
Form two was a little relieving. Since there were new form one students to carry out the stressful activities. Yet academics still kept me awake. I had to study deep in to the night till my eyes could no more keep opened. I sometimes spent the night in the classroom out of exhaustion. All these work; I knew will surely pay someday.
In the final year, I had assumed every little stress was gone till prefectorial duties engaged me. As I had to wake up as early as 4:30 everyday and make sure that the compound work is done and also get to class as early as possible.
Not forgetting the times I had to deal the bullies I was confronted with during my stay in high school. I remember the occasions seniors viberly assault not only me but my friends. It was very sad and heart breaking but I consider all as part of the process of grooming me into who I am right now.
The many times I had to deal with tough duties and challenging social problems. But I consider it all as lessons taught and learnt. The friend I made to whom I owe the comfort I had in school and every single memorable moment I had back in school. The teachers who were not only my academic guardians but also my parents on campus. Some turned into my personal advisors and others never rested till I’m comfortable. To them I owe a great deal of appreciation.

High School though has ended but I know the greatest part of life waits ahead. And as I battled it out in high school, I know God will see me through till I make it.

Belinda Boadu.

Afua kobi Ampem girls
ARWDS deputy organizer

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