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Accra Academy launches 90th Anniversary celebration

Management of Accra Academy has launched its 90th anniversary with a call on government to institute performance indicators for managers of second cycle schools to improve standards of education.

The indicators will hold the board and headmasters accountable and enhance teaching and learning in schools.

Mr Alex Mould, the former Chief Executive Officer of Ghana National Petroleum Commission, and an old student speaking at the event in Accra, called for continuous engagement within the educational sector to manage the schools effectively for sustained long-term performance.

“Dialogue and engagement by way of involving schools in teacher recruitment will improve standards within the sector, as opposed to the current system where teachers are recruited from the Ghana Education Service without input from the board and management of the schools”, he said.

Mr Mould urged the government to raise the bar and deliver on its infrastructure promises and commit resources to support the management of the schools.

He said education must induct the youth into life flow of society, make them responsible, and advance the socio-economic development of the nation, adding that education should necessarily respond to the national needs in all their complexities and that education’s objective could not be static, stressing, an effective educational must fit into the overall vision of the target country.

“We continuously teach certain subjects because they are in vogue elsewhere; copying teaching methodology, textbooks, specimen, experiments, simply to tag along, which has succeeded only in keeping us exactly where we are. It seems we are preparing our youth, at our cost, for someone else’s job market,” he stated.

Mr Mould noted that, “Most educational reforms till date have emphasized vocational technical education. Yet if truth be told, very few of us in this room will encourage our children to choose those subjects, because we don’t seem to have much faith in them and our perceptions remain negative.”

He was of the view that, the country’s educational system must be fit-for-purpose and constantly performing gap analyses that would guarantee success and meet the needs of the industry.

Mr Emmanuel O. Fiemawhle, the Headmaster of Accra Academy said the theme “ Accra Academy: 90 Years On”, inspired ideas to make the vision of the Founders of the school more relevant to the country’s educational development.

The Anniversary Planning Committee and stakeholders unveiled the School’s logo and rolled out a year’s activities including inaugural church service, memorial lectures, career talk, medical screening, speech and prize, and thanksgiving service.

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