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Asare Bediako SHS Lodges Official Protest Against Prempeh College After Defeat in Round32

Prempeh College’s qualification to the Round of 16 has been questioned following an official protest lodged by Asare Bediako SHS a while ago. Asare Bediako SHS made their intentions clear after the game. They have subsequently lodged an official protest against one of the players used by Prempeh College who is said to have completed SHS before enrolling at Prempeh College.

The case has been referred to the Discipline Committee. Asare Bediako SHS have resolved to see the matter to full conclusion.

Asare Bediako SHS lost the game by 1:0 and is seeking to overturn the results through their protest.

Both schools have been officially notified of the protest and the Committee is set to sit on the case at 9:00 am tomorrow. Both schools will present their players on match day on Friday awaiting the verdict. The winner of the protest will eventually go on to play Tweneboa Kodua SHS Later on in that same day.

According to officials of Asare Bediako SHS, one player who featured for Prempeh College had completed SHS within the same catchment area of their school and are therefore highly confident that the decision will go for them.

Stay tuned for details………….

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