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Best ‘Jama’ Schools in Ashanti Region

Top SIX ‘JAMA’ in Ashanti Region

One very interesting scene at every sporting competition for schools in the Ashanti Region has been the jama battles among schools.

Various schools engage in unending jama singing battles through out the duration of the program. This over the years has been the side attraction many desire to see during inter school sports competitions.

We have put together our rating of the best Jama Schools in the Ashanti Region based on our observation.

Our rating was premised on many parameters including;

creativity, cordination, charisma, sustainability of songs and many other factors.

The following are our ratings;


6th Position – T. I. Amass-Kumasi **star performance

The Best Sports School in the Ashanti Region are not known so much for their jama abilities but I guess their success story in the athletics competition seemed to be rekindling their jama fire. Rated as the sixth best jama school, the phobia school combine beautifully with their teaming students and teachers at the VIP section to sing some beautiful rendition of Hearts of Oak’s famous songs to the envy of all. They are dominant with their huge numbers and though not very well rehearsed jama tunes, they still manage some beautiful jama songs.



5th Prempeh College/Yaa Asantewaa Parternship *** star performance

Prempeh College and Yaa Asantewaa team up beautifully to place 5th in the ‘jama’ battle in an admirable fashion in the Ashanti Region. The pair give unending entertainment to many people at the stadium with their beautiful well-crafted jama songs to the envy of all at the stadium.

The awesome combination of the two in the red stands or Amakom end of the field has always been a delight to watch with a sustained singing and well composed songs to show their admiration for each other much to the envy of all.

The pair were consistent on all stadium held competitions and are relentless in targeting the AKATASLOPSA pair who themselves are not bad in the jama battle. The AmanAdehye3 pair could be heard at all the corners of the stadium as they chant and sang in the course of the course of all stadium held sports programs. They cheer every move and every great performance from their school with a lot adrenaline which surprise many patrons at the stadium and also demonstrated a lot of romantic attachment to each other..


4th Kumasi Wesley Girls High School ***star performance

Arguably, always one of  the most populous school at the stadium, their voices resonate at all corners as they sing and cheer through the game. They normally engaged many other girls school notably Serwaa Nyarko and Afia Kobi in a jama battles singing and targeting their rivals and casting insinuations to the admiration of all. They seem to have the upper hand with their numbers which emboldens and encoutages the beautiful girls to power on.

They have been consistent and domineering and won the hearts of many jama lovers at the stadium.


3rd Opoku Ware Sch/ St. Louis SHS  Combo ***star performance

The AKATASLOPSA pair have always been a delight to watch as they engage in a romantic combination and partnership to produce some sweet jama songs to all the stadium. They are consistent and do have some beautifully woven jama songs which resonates at every corner of the stadium however. The SLOPSA girls are well rehearsed and coordinated. Their combined numbers are quite huge and gives them enough morale to power them on.


2nd Position – Kumasi Technical Institute ****star performance

The Canadians as they are affectionately referred to always make their presence felt at every event. They have been very consistent  over the  years. They have the capacity to sing throughout the entire duration of a competition. They usually target some rival schools with their songs which also gives them intrinsic motivation to power on.very consistent but still made an impact with their many jama songs. A well spirited KTI is always a force to reckon with when it comes to jama battles. A four star performance from  the Canadians.

Never a dull momnet with the Best Technical School in the Ashanti Region.



1st Position – O.T./KUHIS Combination ***** performance

The two schools over the years since their alliance started have been quite solid with their jama songs. They team up beautifully at all gatherings to deliver exciting jama sessions. With common rivals in perspective, the two boys schools are intrinsically and extrinsically motivated to deliver beautiful jama sessions. They battle it out with well composed jama songs that is forcefully echoed and carried by the winds to all corners of the stadium.

Motivated by their Girls Kumasi Girls and Afia Kobi Girls respectively, Kumasi High School and Osei Tutu SHS combine strongly to take the first position.


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