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Breaking News; Basic School Reverts Back To Trimester System; Ministry of Education Directs

The Ministry of Education after careful consultation with stakeholders has directed that the Calandar of Basic School revert back to the trimester from the ssmester system which came into force last week. The semester sytem was proposed by a ministerial committee a couple of days ago and sought to ensure one academic Calandar from basic to the SHS level but however in a release signed by Felix A. Baidoo, Press Secretary at the Ministry of Education, the semester system has been reverted back to the Trimester with dates for reopening and closure of first, second and third terms clearly spelt out.

Teacher Unions and some education watchers spoke against the new policy indicating that it has implication for condition of service of Teachers as tgey would be required to spend more time in school.

The Trimester Calandar Dates below

1st Term
18th Jan to 14th April, 2022 (12 wks)
15th April to 9th May (Vacation)

2nd Term
10th May to 18th Aug (14 wks)
19th Aug to 12th Sep (vacation)

3rd Term
13th Sep to 22nd Dec, 2022 (14 wks)


Below is the release from the ministry.


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