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The College of Science is the premier college of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology and comprises two main faculties and three research centers. It has approximately 200 academic staff and a student population of  10,366. The College runs 12 undergraduate and 45 postgraduate programs in 11 departments. We find our drive in our mission statement: to provide high-quality teaching, research, entrepreneurship training, and service in the pure and applied sciences for sustainable industrial and socio-economic development of Ghana and beyond.

Our vision also is to produce high-caliber graduates to support and sustain Ghana and Africa’s industrial and socio-economic development. Based on this outlook, we are poised to enable our students to discover and fulfill their potential in various fields of basic and applied sciences. Ultimately, we prepare our students for careers in an ever-changing industrial and technological world as we work to become the center of excellence for training high-caliber science graduates critical to Ghana and Africa’s industrial and economic development.

The College also encourages diversity in education and research, thus increasing the intake of international students and collaborators. The College has huge alumni, many of whom are engaged in various sectors of the national economy and around the globe. It has, over the years, built a high reputation of excellence in training basic and applied scientists and has produced many graduates for various sectors nationally and globally.

College of Science conducts basic and applied research in biological, physical, data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cyber security, climate, water, food, nutrition and environmental sciences. Therefore, we continue to serve as Ghana’s hub of science and technology. Strategically, our research feeds into the UN’s sustainable development goals. The College positions itself to form partnerships with other universities and industries internally and internationally. As a result, the college benefits from several research grants that have translated into strong human capacity development through our postgraduate training. Over the years, the college has contributed to innovative and excellent scientific research and currently houses about 50 research grants. Besides scientific research, the College carries out excellent consultancy services in food, water, climate and environmental monitoring and has participated in and championed several field measurement campaigns with international partners.

The College continues to support the industry by providing short course training on emerging scientific and technological advancements to sharpen skills in digital forensics, cybersecurity, food processing, data mining, water and environmental management and microbiological processes. We are very concerned about emerging scientific pedagogies and provide training workshops for science, ICT and mathematics teachers in basic and secondary schools. The College believes that a solid foundation in science and technology begins with basic education. Consequently, we have championed the Junior Science, Mathematics, and Technology quiz competition among Junior High Schools in the country.

Faculties & Departments

Faculty of Biosciences

Faculty of Physical And Computational Sciences

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