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Download Beginning Teachers Hand Book for Free

One of the key objectives of the Action Plan of the Ghana National Association of Teachers
(GNAT) Youth Policy is the development and publication of a Handbook for the training and
mentoring of new members of the Association and the teaching profession. The GNAT Youth
Desk and Membership Education Department, in collaboration with the Canadian Teachers
Federation (CTF), has developed this handbook to do just that.

The mentoring of the teacher-beginner is a critical component of their induction into the
profession and the Association. It is the necessary connection between theory and practice and,
supports the professional and personal growth of the young teachers, as well as makes them
aware of the professional-development opportunities open to them.
The handbook is intended to assist classroom teachers, Heads of Educational Institutions, and
the GNAT at the National, Regional, District, and Local levels.


Click on Link Below to download the Beginning Teachers Handbook


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