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Download G.E.S Staff Personal Record Form

Download G.E.S Staff Personal Record Form

The Ghana Education Service (GES) Staff Personal Record Form is a document used to collect and maintain comprehensive information about teachers, administrators, and other staff working within the Ghana Education Service. It serves as a central repository for important personal and professional details of individuals employed in the education sector.

The form typically includes a range of information such as:

  1. Personal Information: Name, date of birth, gender, contact details, and other identification particulars.
  2. Educational Background: Details of academic qualifications, institutions attended, degrees obtained, and any specialized training or certifications relevant to the role within the education service.
  3. Professional Experience: Work history, previous employment details, positions held within the GES or other educational institutions, years of service, and specific roles undertaken.
  4. Employment Details: Information about the current employment status, appointment date, grade, job title, and department or school where the individual is stationed.
  5. Performance Evaluations: Records of performance appraisals, assessments, or evaluations conducted by the GES, including ratings, feedback, and any commendations or disciplinary actions.
  6. Training and Development: Details of any professional development activities, workshops, seminars, or further education undertaken by the staff member to enhance skills and knowledge relevant to their role.
  7. Other Relevant Information: This may include marital status, next of kin, emergency contact details, and other pertinent information required for administrative purposes.

The Staff Personal Record Form is crucial for human resource management within the GES. It helps in maintaining accurate records of staff members, tracking their career progression, facilitating decision-making related to promotions or training needs, and ensuring compliance with organizational policies and regulations.

Download Ghana Education Service (GES) Staff Personal Record Form


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